Remnant: From The Ashes – How To Beat Brabus


Brabus is a bit of a pain to fight until you figure out the best place to take him on. When you first encounter him, he is on a raised platform in front of you, but then he and his gang will jump down to try and kill you. The first instinct is to run, but there is an excellent way to set yourself up for a much easier fight.

It is worth noting, that Brabus has some secrets. If you have a Pocket Watch, you can give it to him. And if you are willing to kill a friend for his amusement, he also has a gift for you.

Remnant: From The Ashes – How To Beat Brabus

Remnant From The Ashes Brabus

When Brabus first jumps down, run behind the pillar to your left and use this point to pick off the two enemies with axes that jumped down with him. When they are dead, run around the fence to the left, and back towards the wall that the door you used to enter would be in. There are two pillars here that give you great cover, and it is from here that we will fight Brabus.

Brabus has a shotgun, which does tremendous damage, so play this fight patiently. Enemies with guns will spawn and take up positions to try and shoot you but will have a tough time landing any damage on you with the two pillars to hide behind. Brabus himself will mostly stick to taking cover near the wrecked car to your right, and the fence near the door to your left. It should just be a matter of patiently chipping away at his health, and dodging those shotgun blasts.

If you go elsewhere in the room, it is too hard to deal with all the enemies that spawn in, as there are too many doors into each room to cover them all. In this position, enemies will rarely rush you, can barely hit you with their guns, and Brabus himself will be kept at bay while you damage him. He might rush you sometimes, but will quickly retreat if you put some damage into him.

Make sure you have plenty of health, and perhaps an ammo box so you don’t run out. With practice and patience, this method of fighting him will pay off; you need to take out any stray enemies that are causing you trouble. Mostly, you should focus on Brabus himself, as the others will not cause you too many problems from here.