Remnant: From The Ashes – How To Beat Claviger

Claviger is a huge boss you can run into in Rhom. After making your way through one of the game’s random dungeons while exploring the area, you might run into this heavy caster. We’re going to detail how to beat Caviger at his own game.

Remnant: From The Ashes – How To Beat Claviger

The fight against Claviger takes place on a wide circular platform, with four small pyramids on it. Claviger stands in front of the platform, casting magic at you and being a nuisance. The first step in the fight is getting through his shield. To do this, you need to take out the energy orbs feeding his shield to his left and right.

While you are dealing with the energy orbs, he is casting projectile spells at you. You’re going to find it tempting to take cover behind the metal pyramids, but these get destroyed by the spells. Because these prove extremely useful later in the fight, it’s better to dodge the spells and focus on the orbs. Once the energy orbs are dead, start putting damage into Claviger.

Claviger will summon in a host of small enemies to fight you. You don’t need to worry about hitting these guys. Instead, continue putting damage into Claviger. Once you herd the summons between you and the large caster, he takes them out for you with his spells. Eventually, Claviger slams the ground, knocking you over and starts spinning the platform.

The next phase continues much like the first, except now Claviger fires a beam of energy that does considerable damage. You can dodge it, but he instantly starts bringing it back in your direction. At this point, it makes sense to use the pyramids for cover. Continue damaging Claviger, taking out the shield when it comes back, and herding the summons to their death.

Weapons wise, it is safe enough to use whatever you like. I would recommend something that hits hard at long-range to take out the energy orbs as fast as possible. It is pretty safe to run right up to Claviger and smash him up with a shotgun, but keep an eye out for his slam attack.

And that’s it. Claviger is not the most challenging boss fight once you realize it is is a bad idea to sacrifice your cover in the early stage.