Remnant: From the Ashes – How to Beat Ixillus

Remnant: From the Ashes has gotten a lot of comparisons to Dark Souls, but one of the clearest nods to From Software’s renowned game is in the Ixillus boss fight on Corsus. When you face off against this giant flying insect, which throws magic orbs and beam attacks at you as you try to cross a bridge, you may be reminded of the Moonlight Butterfly until you deal enough damage and it summons a clone of itself to the battle. Beating these twin bosses can be tough, as there’s a lot to pay attention to at any one time, but there are some ways to make it easier on yourself.

Preparing for the Ixillus Boss Fight

First, you want to come prepared. There are no additional enemies in this fight and both copies of Ixillus stay floating off the side of the bridge, so short-range weapons are no use to you here. Ditch the shotgun for a long-range rifle before taking this boss on. Since there are no adds, you won’t be able to keep your ammo topped off during the fight, so pick a couple of ammo boxes to refill your weapons if you run out. Finally, the boss uses a lot of corrosive attacks, so you should prioritize corrosion resistance in your armor and stock up on Greenleaf to clear the Corroded status and boost your resistance.

Ixillus Attacks and Phases

When the fight starts, one Ixillus will attack from the side of the bridge. There are a few different attacks it can use in this stage, the most basic being strikes with its spear. These are generally pretty easy to avoid; watch for when it starts to swing and dodge out of the way.

Ixillus also has a much more dangerous attack, where it throws bombs that cause damage on impact and leave a harmful corrosive cloud in their wake. It will often throw two in succession, so make sure you dodge them both. If at all possible, stay to the edges of the bridge — either near the door where you entered or on the far side — when this attack is coming and dodge toward the center. That way, you won’t be trapped against a wall, which will make you an easy target for its other attacks and keep you separated from your team.

In between these attacks, Ixillus will summon orbs that track you and deal damage on contact. These orbs are easy to destroy with just a few hits, so try to take as many of them down as possible when they spawn. Even a single orb does a fair amount of damage, and getting high by several at once will drop you quickly.

When you knock out the first segment of Ixillus’ health bar, it will summon a copy of itself on the other side of the bridge. The original Ixillus will back off for a while and cast orbs while the new one attacks, giving you a bit of time to deal damage to the newcomer. From this point on, each Ixillus will either continue to use the original set of attacks or use a beam attack. This attack does great damage and can quickly push you off the bridge, but it has a decent casting time and is accompanied by a flash of light, so it’s easy enough to dodge if you pay attention.

Once in a while, both copies of Ixillus will charge a massive scream attack, which does lots of damage and stuns you if you’re caught in the blast. However, the charging period is also the best chance to deal damage to Ixillus. When they start to charge, fire at their heads enough (you’ll know you’re hitting the right spot if they take critical damage) and it will cancel the attack. If you act quickly enough or coordinate with your team, you can stop both attacks and get tons of damage at the same time.

Ixillus Alternative Kill Method

When you kill one Ixillus, the other will enter an enraged state, attacking more quickly with standard attacks and the beam attack. Its attacks at this stage can still be dodged the same way; they just come in faster. You can skip this stage entirely and get an alternate reward for the boss if you kill both copies of Ixillus at the same time, or quickly enough that the second to die doesn’t go into a rage. You only have a few seconds to pull this off once the first one goes down, so it helps if the whole party knows you’re going for this tactic.

Ixillus Boss Fight Rewards

Once you kill Ixillus, you’ll be rewarded with the Guardian’s Heart, which you can give to either the Undying King or the Iskal Queen to complete their quests. If you killed both at the same time, you’ll receive the Guardian’s Tentacle, which you can use to craft the Guardian Axe, a melee weapon that charges your equipped mods. Otherwise, you’ll get the Hivestone, which you can turn in for the Hive Cannon, a handgun that can launch a swarm of stinging insects at your enemies.