12 Best Resident Evil 2 Remake Beginners Tips And Tricks

Resident Evil 2 Remake resumes a title of 21 years ago. Many old players may be rusty, while those approaching the title for the first time might encounter some difficulties. That’s why we wrote a guide with tips and tricks for beginners. Some may seem obvious (but someone might think otherwise), others may save your life. In any case you can find them below.

Beginners Tips and Tricks

RE2 Remake: Beginner Guide

Some general advices about the approach to the title and some other about the zombie fights.

Learn how to manage your save slots

In this kind of games, it is quite common to notice that something has gone wrong (having lost too much time with an enigma or wasted too much ammo, for example).

Fortunately, you have 20 save slots: our advice is to use them, so you can get back to more favourable situations in case of need.

Use the map

Beginners Tips and Tricks

The map not only shows you the basic points of the game, but also tells you when you’re done with a room (for example red is used with new areas where there is something to find).

So check the map often and remember that even if you have explored an area, the red indicates that you have not finished with that room: definitely useful, especially if you do not have much memory.

Touch every door

Also interacting with every door is a good idea: if it’s locked, your map will receive an update and you will know that there is something waiting for you later.

To check which doors you already tried to open look at the map: doors you haven’t ever interacted with are white, locked one you’ve interacted with are red.

Last but not least, if you have already interacted with a locked door and you will find the proper object to open it, your map will show it, so touching every door definitely worth your time.

Learn how to manage your inventory (and combine objects)

Learning how to manage your inventory is never easy, even more if you have very little space, as in the case of Resident Evil 2 Remake. You’ll soon realize that not even upgrades over the initial 8 slots will be enough to make you feel comfortable managing your inventory.

Some of the items you pick up will stack – yay! – while other won’t. But there is a little trick you can keep in mind: you can combine items to use less inventory slots (for example combining herbs into a potion).

And remember: if you leave behind something you can’t fit in your inventory, it will be shown in you map: you can easily take advantage of it.

Don’t waste ammo

Simply because saving is never a bad idea (even more if you risk being surrounded by ravenous zombies at any moment).

About the combat Knife

Beginners Tips and Tricks

Keep in mind that the combat knife is not a good offensive weapon to avoid wasting ammos.

Consider Running (yes, it is an option)

Remember that dealing with all situations isn’t always a good idea: even more if for some reason you are unprepared. Consider the idea of running away and coming back later to face what you left behind.

Killing Zombies

Probably these tips will seem pretty obvious to the accustomed of the survival horror genre, but in any case we could say something:

The only way to be really sure that a zombie is dead is to score a headshot

If you have grounded a zombie and you would like to save some ammo, you can cut zombie’s legs in order to not let it raise. You can also close a door behind him in order to not let it escape

Killing Lickers

They are blind but also hear you very fast on the ground. So the suggestion is to keep calm and walk slow

About Tyrant

Beginners Tips and Tricks

When you reach him, the most important thing is having cleared the area as much as possible, in order to quick escape (you can also try to slow him).

Killing Bosses

The best strategy is to bait an attack and then fight them during their weak times after a miss. Also remember that eye shots deal much damage (at about 3x).

  • Boss 1 trick

Just run and try to slow it down before taking advantage

  • Boss 2 trick

Wait until it lunges and pass you: then do your move

  • Boss 3 trick

Just try to avoid its swipes, heal yourself and hit

  • Boss 4 trick

Run, run and run! When it misses, shot, shot and shot!

About Headshots

A little trick to score a headshot: try to aim where the zombie is going to be (and not where it is): you’ll see the difference.