Resident Evil Village – preloads, unlock times, and file sizes

Everything you need to know for launch day.

Resident Evil Village

Image via Capcom

We have all waited patiently for Resident Evil Village to arrive, and now we have information on the preload, unlock times, and files sizes. The latest game in the series is getting closer, and this guide contains everything you need to know to prepare for launch day.

Resident Evil Village Preload Times

PlayStation owners will be able to preload Resident Evil Village from a May 5. We don’t have an exact time of when the service goes live, so just check later in the day and it should be up and running.

PC players have no preload options that we know of. We will update this article if anything changes. Xbox players cann already preload the game. Needless to say, preloading requires preordering.

Preorder Bonus

Speaking of preordering, you can still get in your preorder if you want to avail of the following bonsues

  • Mini Soundtrack
  • Mr. Raccoon Weapon Charm
  • Survival Resources Pack

Resident Evil Village Files Sizes

Files sizes will be quite manageable, in a world where they seem to be getting larger by the day.

  • PS4 – 29 GB
  • PS5/Xbox One – 27 GB
  • PC – unconfirmed at this time

Resident Evil Village Unlock Times

Resident Evil Village is opting for the scariest of all the possible unlock times, midnight local time. This means that when the clock strikes 12 on May 7, you can jump into the game and get chased around a spooky village by freaking vampires. And werewolves. Terrifying stuff.