Riders On the Storm mission guide – Cyberpunk 2077

Sneaky, sneaky.

Cyberpunk 2077

The Riders On The Storm mission sees V and Panam trying to infiltrate a Wraith base to save Saul, the leader of Panam’s clan. There are a lot of options here, depending on your build path, and in this guide, we will highlight some of the ways you can enter the compound, and get to Saul.

An important note at the start is that it doesn’t matter if things get loud. Saul won’t get hurt by the enemies even if they hear you coming, so if you have built a hardcore run-and-gun V, then just kick in the door and get to work.

From the outside of the camp, you have a few choices about how you wish to enter. If you cut left, you will need to take out an enemy, and then can hop on some boxers, vault over a trailer door, and enter the camp that way. This is probably the worst choice, as it puts you in an awkward place in relation to where you want to go.

Going right is pretty much the best option for any build. Everyone will be able to vault over a low part of the wall, and if you have a Technical ability of 9 or higher you can go all the way right, around the wall, to a tunnel that leads underneath the base.

When you vault the gate in the wall, take out the guard in front of you, then go into the garage window on the left. This building is empty, so you can loot whatever you like and then head up the stairs. This leads to a skywalk that connects to the main building that houses the security system.

There is one guard here you can sneak up on. Grab him then pull him back from the window, or another guard outside the main building will see you. Kill the enemy, then dump him in the locker in the hall. Go through the door into the main room, stay low, and move up the gantry to the left. Here you will find the main security room, and you can kill the guard, then use the console to take over the security system. This will give you access to the basement camera, and you can see Saul.

This will change the mission waypoint, and you will need to head to the ground floor of the building you are in, then go down the stairs set into the floor to get to the basement. There will be some enemies on the way, and a stealthy option becomes more difficult here.

We decided to just go loud, to take advantage of some poor AI. Kill the guards in this room and the remaining guards upstairs will rush downstairs, making it very easy to just pick them all off. Go and get Saul, then give him the injection that Mitch provided. This happens during a conversation, you don’t need to open your inventory to do it.

After that, head upstairs with Saul, killing anyone who gets in the way and you can head to where Panam has driven into the base to pull you out. After that is a pretty long, heavily scripted chase scene, and eventually, you will escape pursuit by head to a small cabin in the desert.

After this comes a long conversation between Saul and Panam. Remember, if you are a male V and trying to romance Panam you should agree with her over Saul, drink some whiskey with her, and take the “Touch” dialogue options. Nothing will happen, but she will give you a kiss the next morning if you pick the “About last night….” dialogue option.