Nintendo Ring Fit Adventure Mini-Games Guide


Ring Fit Adventure features 12 mini-games for you to get a good workout in. Here is a guide on each mini-game and the areas of your body you will be working out while you play.


In Robo-Wrecker, you rotate the ring and squeeze or pull it to hit robots that popping in and out of holes. It’s necessarily whack-a-mole, but you are working your chest, core, and trapezius. You are on a time limit to destroy as many robots as possible, and golden robots give triple the standard score.


For Aerochute, you are falling down a tunnel and aiming to go through rings as you pass by. Falling in the center of the ring and golden rings reward you more points. You hold the ring above your head and push it outwards to deploy a parachute to slow you down. As your parachute is out, you lean your upper half in the direction you want to fall. This workout works on your posture, shoulders, and core.

Squat Goals

In Squat Goals, you get positioned on a trampoline. As you squat, the joy-con in the strap on your leg measures how low you are going and when you come back up you jump into the air depending on how low you went. A light meter in the background shows you how high you are about to jump as coins float by. Collect as many coins as you can by measuring your squat, getting your timing down, and avoiding bombs. This aerobic exercise will work your legs and glutes.

Crate Crasher

In Crate Crasher, crates are continuously falling in front of you. Squeezing the ring-con lets out a blast that will destroy the box you are aiming at with the ring. Clear all crates on the screen to make more fall down. Green crates take out a small area of crates while yellow will eliminate all boxes remaining on the screen. Destroy as many crates as possible in the time limit while working out your chest and upper arms.

Squattery Wheel

In Squattery Wheel, you are forming a clay pot. A green image on the left gives you the goal of what the pan should look like in the end. Within the time limit, you need to squat to lower the robots and push the ring in to have them form the clay the way you want. How far you push in matters and every area you press will affect another area of the pot. How close you get your pot to look like the green image will decide how many points you get. This mini-game works out your legs, glutes, and chest.

Thigh Rider

Thigh Rider is the only mini-game you play while sitting down. You place the ring-con in-between your thighs and squeeze to make the vehicle you are riding jump and hover. Avoid the bombs and collect as many coins as you can before you reach the finish line. This exercise works out your legs and lower body while working on your posture.

Bank Balance

In Bank Balance, you are walking forward with a balancing pole. You walk in place while stretching out the ring-con and leaning to collect coins and avoid bombs as you go by. This workout focuses on your waist, back, and abs.

Bootstrap Tower

In Bootstrap Tower, you are climbing a tower using the ring-con. You raise the ring-con above your head and stretch it out to make your character jump further up. As you progress, you want to time your jumps right to collect as many coins as possible. This exercise works out your chest, trapezius, and upper arms.

Core Crushing

In Core Crushing, you are smashing oncoming robots. The ring-con goes against your abdomen, and as you press it in, you rotate to smack the robots. After every twist, you have to ease your tension on the ring before you can strike again. Some robots will be holding shields that will dictate which side you can strike them from. Core Crushing works out your abs, waist, and core.

Gluting Gallery

Gluting Gallery has the player hold the ring-con above their head and lean left or right to avoid oncoming bombs and collect coins as they pass by. You will be working out your waist, back, and shoulders with this mini-game.

Smack Back

Smack Back requires timing and precision to knock back discs that robots are throwing at you. The ring-con sits across your abdomen again, and you twist back and forth to swing the large fan you have at the discs. If any strike you, you will lose points, and hitting the discs back at the robot that threw it will earn you extra points. This mini-game focuses on your waist, core, and again.


The final mini-game is Dreadmill. This game has you run in place to maintain where on the treadmill your character will get positioned. As you are running, you need to keep the proper speed to collect coins while avoiding bombs. You will also be required to squeeze the joy-con at specific points to blast yourself into the air to collect higher coins. This aerobic exercise works on your legs while bettering your stamina.