Risk of Rain 2’s Scorched Acres Is Available Now – Here Is Everything You Need To Know About It


Scorched Acres is the first content update for Hopoo Games smash hit Risk of Rain 2. It has just gone live on Steam at 8 am PDT today, so is available to download and play right now. It introduces a lot of new content for the game, including a new playable area, a new boss, a new survivor called Rex, and lots of new items as well.

The New Survivor, Rex

Rex is the new Survivor, and he is a part plant and part robot. He is also substantially bigger than the other Survivors. His kit makes for an exciting playstyle between balancing your self-healing and spending your health to output damage. You can find a full breakdown of his abilities below.

  • Passive: Abilities apply WEAKEN, a debuff which reduces enemy armor, movement speed, and damage.
  • Primary Fire: Fires three syringes in quick succession. The third syringe applies WEAKEN and heals REX.
  • Secondary Fire: REX sacrifices its own health to launch a seedpod mortar. Aims at a distant location and lands after a brief delay for huge damage.
  • Mobility: Launches REX backward and shoves all nearby enemies away and applies WEAKEN to them.
  • Ultimate: REX sacrifices its own health to fire a flower that PULLS all nearby enemies and ROOTS them.

The Scorched Acres update also includes the following new content.

New Boss – The Grovetender:

The Grovetender is a hook-throwing caretaker of wisps found only in its home of Scorched Acres. The Grovetender will fire a giant barrage of seeking wisps that detonate on contact and occasionally fire a burst of hooks from its masks that pulls in any survivor it hits. And yes, there is a new song to welcome in this terrifying new boss.

New Stage – Scorched Acres:

Scorched Acres takes place at sunset in a mysterious installation in the woods, filled with smog from the surrounding nearby fires. As the new alternate third stage to the snow map Rallypoint Delta, Scorched Acres houses a new monster called the Clay Templar and the new boss, the Grovetender.

New Enemy Affix – Malachite:

Malachite enemies can now spawn in later difficulties as high-tier elites. Malachite enemies possess several unique abilities, such as temporarily disabling player healing.

New Items, Equipment, Drones, and More:

An arsenal of new items and equipment is now at players’ disposal. This includes two new drones, the Equipment Drone and the Incinerator Drone; Category Chests; six new items, such as the Old Guillotine and the Little Disciple; and three new types of equipment such as the Spinel Tonic.

Community Suggested Changes:

Quality-of-life improvements suggested by the community have been implemented. This includes the HUD now displaying the current stage count and flashing health bars when the player reaches a critical health state.

There is, of course, much more to be discovered in-game, but the only way to experience it all is to download the update, which is available on Steam right now, and get stuck into another run.