Risk of Rain Returns Save File Location

It never hurts to locate the save file of the game and backup manually!

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Risk of Rain Returns is a rogue-like 2D survival game where your character relies heavily on offensive items and the best equipment options. Most of these are unlocked by completing specific requirements, enabling the next run to be better and smoother than the first one.

As you progress and unlock characters, items, and equipment in the game, the data gets saved. If the save file gets corrupted, you lose all the progression, and as a result, everything needs to be redone from scratch. Therefore, it will benefit players to know the location of the saved file in Risk of Rain Returns in the long run.

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Where Is Save File Location

Screenshot by Gamepur

Here are the steps to locating Risk of Rain Returns save files:

  • Click and explore C-Drive
  • Find and open Program Files (x86)
  • Explore Steam Folder
  • Open user data
  • Find the folder titled “1337520”

This numbered folder is the directory of the game’s location. Inside this, open the Remote sub-folder, and you will find the JSON File Type called “save.json.” This particular file contains all your game’s progression.

The save file for most Steam games is located in the C-Drive (default Windows installation folder). A little navigating into the folders will reveal the location of the saved file itself. However, the file does not have a game name on it; therefore, exploring hundreds of folders and finding the unknown will waste time!

Why You Need To Locate Save Files

If you wish to create a backup of the save manually, you need to copy the “1337520” folder and paste it somewhere safe, away from viruses or malware. While the Steam platform’s cloud backup works like a charm, saving the game file manually eliminates any chances of technical mishaps.

Many players would want to share their saved files with friends and family. If this is the case, then copy-pasting the named folder mentioned above from one PC to another Computer will also port all the progression. A word of caution: this will also overwrite all stats and achievements!

While the game did not have unofficial or official mods at the time of writing this guide, backing up save files manually is usually an excellent method to secure the progression of the game if a mod damages it.

There you have it: everything about where the save file location of Risk of Rain Returns is and why you need to know about it in the first place. Now that you’re here already, we recommend visiting how to get Umbrella in Risk of Rain Returns and how to recycle drones in the game.