10 Best Risk of Rain Equipment Options

Equip your character with the best equipment options and overpower your survivor in the game!

Best equipment in Risk of Rain Returns

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Equipment is the utility option that further aids your character besides the main skills and some of the best offensive and defensive items in Risk of Rain Returns. You can always carry one equipment at a time, and it can be manually activated, just like skills in the game.

Having some of the best equipment options will define your character’s overall build. There are a couple of equipment options that heal your character and offer one more chance instead of dying. Then again, for players who want to melt enemies, Risk of Rain Returns also offers a plethora of best equipment options that can practically double and triple the damage dealt. Stick around, read our guide, and learn about these top-tier equipment in the game.

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10. Prescriptions

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Most situations in Risk of Rain Returns call for powerups and buffs to clear the crowd faster. If you do not have the necessary items or the perfect equipment, your survivor will not stand a chance and will die. This is where Prescriptions Equipment comes in handy and saves the day!

Your character’s damage is buffed by 30 percent, and attack speed significantly increases by 40 percent for an eight-second duration when you trigger the Prescriptions Equipment.

9. Glowing Meteorite

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While having equipment options that deal directly is a much better choice than having AoE ones, sometimes, equipment like the Glowing Meteorite is a necessary evil. This equipment not only deals 200 percent damage to enemies but also to coop friends for eight seconds.

So, brace yourself when you trigger the meteor shower and try to avoid them falling from the sky onto you.

8. Disposable Missile Launcher

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Rockets are, without a doubt, the ultimate form of destruction, and the same is the case when you equip Disposable Missile Launcher equipment in Risk of Rain Returns. This equipment fires 12 missiles, and each has the potential to deal 300 percent damage to its targets.

Unleashing the barrage of missiles is very effective after the boss has spawned as you interact with the Teleporter. You will immediately deplete a large chunk of the boss’s health and kill a few enemies near you.

7. Dynamite Plunger

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Some of the best equipment options in Risk of Rain Returns are only good as long as you trigger them. However, to get the most out of Dynamite Plunger, you need to wait until a lot of it is dropped on the ground and then detonate all of it in a single go.

Every time you hit enemies, your character will drop dynamite. Pressing the equipment activation button will detonate all of the dynamite available, dealing 200 percent damage to targets near it. We have found the best case use of this equipment is when the boss has spawned and you have filled the stage with dynamite.

Activating the Dynamite Plunger only then will deal massive damage to most of the enemies you see on the screen and will instantly wipe enemies and eat a chunk of the boss’s health as well.

6. Jar of Souls

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If you like playing solo, then you will need all hands on deck whenever the situation gets out of hand, especially on the highest difficulty setting. In situations like this, the Jar of Souls equipment option will be your best bet.

Using this equipment in the game spawns a ghost for every enemy that fights you. All of these ghosts last 15 seconds and deal 70 percent damage.

5. Drone Repair Kit

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Drones are the best support items in Risk of Rain Returns, but they come with a health bar. Drones will be destroyed if not recycled or repaired, and this is where the Drone Repair Kit Equipment proves its usage. Every time you use this equipment, all of your existing drones will be repaired to full health and will be buffed for the next eight seconds.

The best part of the Drone Repair Kit is that it also summons a unique drone that supports you. Alternatively, you can use this drone to cheer your way in unlocking the Drifter character in Risk of Rain Returns.

4. The Back-Up

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The best part of having drones is that they attack passively, without your input required. However, finding these drones in the game’s world requires luck, as their spawn is RNG, and they cost a lot to get activated.

If you still want drones, even if just for a short duration without much hassle, then the Back-Up Equipment option is one of the best choices to go for in Risk of Rain Returns. Every time you trigger this equipment, you get four drones to aid you for a ten-second duration.

3. Lost Doll

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While support and utility Equipment options are supplemental to the items you carry, Lost Doll Equipment is a pure DPS choice that melts enemies. Every time you use this Equipment, 25 percent of your health is sacrificed, and in return, you get to damage an enemy for 500 percent of your maximum health.

2. Shield Generator

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Shield Generator Equipment is an excellent option to pair with the Umbrella item in Risk of Rain Returns. Both grant invincibility to your survivor, but the former is triggered at will, while the latter gets activated passively.

While using Shield Generator, your character does not take a hit and becomes invincible for the next eight seconds. The best case for using this equipment is while defeating bosses, especially when they spawn after activating the Teleporter.

1. Foreign Fruit

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It is always a good strategy to carry equipment options that buff your attacks. However, a better strategy is to get healing equipment that replenishes your lost health instantly!

This is why we believe Foreign Fruit is by far the best Equipment option in Risk of Rain Returns, as you can get 50 percent of your health immediately by using this equipment.

While playing on Monsoon difficulty, when the world difficulty scales to “I SEE YOU, I’M COMING FOR YOU, and HAHAHAHA” modes, you will constantly get the need to keep your survivor above 50 percent health and Foreign Fruit shines in situations like this.

Now that you know everything about the best equipment options in the game, we recommend you also learn how to unlock all characters in Risk of Rain Returns and how to use Strange Battery in the game before leaving the page.