Risk of Rain 2 – How To Use The Command Console


Like many other games, you can activate the Command Console in Risk of Rain 2 to mess around with various aspects of the game. This allows you to do funny things like increase the maximum number of corpses that can be one the ground at any one time, turn on and off damage numbers, or set a max FPS value.

It also does a lot of other stuff, some of which I imagine could make your game completely unplayable! Thankfully, for me, it’s not my job to worry about such things, outside of giving you a friendly warning to take care when messing around with this stuff.

How To Use The Command Console

Now, to get access to the Command Console, take the following steps;

  • Launch Risk of Rain 2
  • press CTRL + ALT +`, you can find the ` button just below the ESC key on your keyboard.
  • Wait a few seconds for the Command Console to open.
  • Now, type “Help” in the command line, and you will get a full list of commands that will work in the game.

Be sure to carefully read the descriptions before you do anything, as some of them will be marked as things you shouldn’t be playing around with. Others, while seeming innocuous, can severely impact the game performance.

I’m sure people out there will learn how to do all kinds of clever stuff with this, so I will update this guide if anybody discovers anything particularly interesting that you can do from the Command Console.

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