Risk of Rain 2 – Is There A Difficulty After Hahaha


Risk of Rain 2 took the game playing world by storm when it launched, and with good reason. It’s a fun and addictive roguelike game, with fun characters, and weirdly named items that let you smash up loads of alien enemies. Since it launched, players have been trying to learn all its secrets, and find new ways to challenge themselves.

Is There A Difficulty After Hahaha

When you are playing Risk of Rain 2 you will have noticed that the difficulty bar goes through various stages as you progress through the game until finally reaching “hahaha,” but is there a difficulty after hahaha? The answer is yes, because of the way the games difficulty scaling works.

Even though that bar will never change, and will continue to laugh rather manically at you, the game does continue to scale in difficulty the longer you stay alive. It’s hard to know exactly what way the scaling works, and at what pace, but the results are on the screen for us all to see.

You will continue to get increased numbers of enemies spawning, and at an increased rate. You will also see an increase in the number of Elite enemies that spawn, and those guys are the real trouble makers. Bosses will begin to spawn as if they are just normal enemies, although they do appear to be slightly scaled down from their end of stage versions.

You will also notice that enemies continue to increase the damage that they can take, and the damage that they put out, until eventually you more than likely die to something really rather powerful.

So, now you know, even though there is no visible difficulty after hahaha in the display on the HUD, the game will continue to increase in difficulty as long as you are playing it. This is why it is a good idea not to take a break in the Bazaar Between Realms because when you step outside again, everything is going to hit pretty hard.