Rite of Passage gig – Cyberpunk 2077 – How to get into the Maelstrom Ripperdoc Clinic

The doctor is in.

Becoming one of the gang members inhibiting Night City in Cyberpunk 2077 is never easy. They will also have initiation rituals that they have new members undergo, to prove that they’re one of them. In the Rite of Passage gig, you need to steal a recording a new Maelstrom’s initiation rite, and to do that, you need to sneak into a ripperdoc clinic.

Where to find the Maelstrom Ripperdoc Clinic

The ripperdoc clinic that the Maelstrom use is on Daniels Street, right in the middle of Northside. It’ll be close to the waterfront, and there are plenty of guards and security and the entrance.

How to get inside the Maelstrom Ripperdoc Clinic

Because there’s a lot of security protecting this place, you’ll have to consider a few options to make it inside without being noticed. Before you go looking for a location to sneak in, we recommend doing a quickhack against the cameras, and then turning them all off, or at least pinging to see where all of the enemies are inside. Once you’ve done that, go to the left side of the entrance, and in the alleyway, there’s a window you can use to jump inside.

When you reach inside, there will be a guard in the front entrance, and one to the left. The guard inside the front entrance can be distracted by the vending machine on the right side, but you need to make sure the other one is not alerted. After the front entrance guard is taken care of, and hidden, wait for the guard on the left to walk throughout the clinic. They move after a little bit, and then you can enter the main facility. There’s a door on the left that you can open if you have at least seven points in body.

How to get to the server room

Once you’re inside the ripperdoc clinic, you need to find a way to the facility’s server room. There are a few small rooms you can loot, but the main pathway you want to go is to the left. However, there are a pair of guards on the right side of the building that can potentially see you. A good way to distract them is to remotely open up the door to their room, and then the vending machine the hallway. It may not lure them away, but it allows you to cross to the room without them catching you and alerting everyone.

After making your way to that small operating room, there’s a vending machine near this door you can use to lure one of the guards over and then knock them out without the other seeing it.

Now, there’s only one guard left on this floor, and you can return to the hallway to make your way up the stairs. They shouldn’t be able to see you. Head up the stairs to the next floor, and there are several guards up here. The best route is to the take out the guard to your left when you come up the stairs, and then the other guards in the room, one at time. They stay away from each other, so there’s not too many complicated parts. However, there is a security camera here, so be mindful of it. There are also plenty of items to distract the guards if you need them to look in a particular direction.

Once all of the guards are taken out, the server room is on the right side of the large room. Head inside, and there’s a camera above the entrance. Make sure it’s down. There’s also an enemy standing in front of the computers, but because they’re the only ones in the room, you can take them out fast. With them gone, you can steal the data from the terminal.

You’ll send the data immediately after obtaining it. All you have to do now is sneak out the way you came, and you’re good to go.