Roblox Black Hole Simulator codes (January 2023)

Have some fun with these codes for Roblox Black Hole Simulator.

Black Holes are terrifying, and you can play as one in Roblox, rolling around, sucking up bricks, and giving yourself upgrades to become more powerful. You can even eat your friends and other players. If you want an extra boost to your black hole, there are multiple codes you can redeem to give yourself a significant boost. These are the best codes for you in Roblox Black Hole Simulator.

How to enter codes in Black Hole Simulator

When you’re ready to use any of the codes we’ve posted for Roblox Black Hole Simulator, make sure to activate the game activation your preferred Roblox account. Next, you need to redeem the codes in-game. Once you’re in-game, head over to the right side of your screen and click on the Twitter icon. A pop-up will appear, and you can input any of the available codes we’ve posted below for Black Hole Simulator. We recommend treating the codes as case-sensitive whenever you attempt to redeem them.

We also recommend checking out the developer’s Twitter page, @NosniyRBLX. You can receive multiple updates and code announcements directly from the developer by following the account.

Black Hole Simulator codes

  • UPDATE7 – get 60 minutes of x2 Bricks Boost
  • RAINBOWPLANETS – get 60 minutes of x2 Bricks Boost
  • UPDATE6 – get Bricks Potion
  • OASISWORLD – get Coins Potion
  • GOLDENPLANETS – get 30-minute Gems Potion
  • UPDATE4 – get 30-minute Bricks Potion
  • ILOVECODES – get 5-minute Bricks Potion
  • UPDATE3 – get 5-minute Bricks Potion
  • EXTRAGEMS – get 5-minute Gems Potion
  • BRICKSBOOST – get 5-minute Bricks Potion
  • snuglife – get 5-minute Coins Potion
  • PETHYPE – get 25 Gems
  • GEMSPOTION – get 5-minute Gems Potion
  • razorfishgaming – get 5-minute Bricks Potion
  • EXTRABRICKS – get 5-minute Bricks Potion
  • blizmid – Get 10 Gems
  • boost – get 50 Coins
  • coinspotion – get 5-minute Coins Potion
  • officialrelease – get 50 Coins

Why won’t my Roblox Black Hole Simulator codes work?

There are a handful of reasons your codes won’t work when attempting to redeem them for Roblox Black Hole Simulator. The biggest reason could be that the developers have rotated out some of the older codes with new ones. The old ones may no longer work in your game, and you have to rely on any more recent codes provided by the developers. The team can do this at varying times, and we may have missed it when updating this code article. The other reason could be you’ve already redeemed a code on your Roblox account. Many of the codes are ones you can only redeem once on your account.

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