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Sea of Stars: All Building Plans for Mirth & Where to Find Them

This guide will detail where to find the Building Plans for Mirth so you can help it become a thriving community.

After a major story event in Sea of Stars, players will be introduced to the town of Mirth, where they can help in building out the town thanks to a selection of building plans, which once built, can provide helpful benefits to players. However, its not clear where you find these plans, and it may be quite time-consuming to try and figure out their locations.

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To help you get your town construction underway, we’ve put together this guide with details on all the Building Plans in Sea of Stars, including how to obtain them, and what they do for you when they are completed.

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What are the Building Plans in Sea of Stars?

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Building Plans are key items that will enable players to help improve the town of Mirth, a village you help create with rescued villagers as you progress into the game’s story. These building plans allow the construction of new stores and areas that players can use to gain bonuses, items, and rewards for certain activities with the help of recruited villagers found in the world.

To unlock Mirth, you will need to have defeated the Dweller of Woe in the Haunted Manor and then saved Brisk in the following event involving the Dweller of Strife. After that, you will take villagers to Settler’s Island, and there you will meet Jirard the Constructionist, who resembles a certain YouTube personality, and will instruct you to bring him any plans you find to help build out the village.

Where to Find Building Plans in Sea of Stars

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Thankfully for players, there is only one place you need to go to get Building Plans: Lake Docarria. However, it’s not as simple as purchasing them or finding them in a chest.

To get the plans, you’ll need to talk to Mirna, the child NPC in the top right of town, who will offer you rewards based on the number of Rainbow Conches you have collected, and several of the rewards are Building Plans.

All Building Plans and Their Uses in Sea of Stars

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Below, we have listed all the Building Plans and their requirements in Sea of Stars, so you know when you can unlock these items, and what benefits you gain from them.

Building PlansDescriptionRequirementsImage
Inn PlansAllows the construction of an inn, which includes a fire to rest at, and a Wheels table.11 Rainbow Conches
The Innkeep from Lucent Recruited
Shop PlansBuilds a store that sells some basic items, as well as the Salient Sails Relic and a few exclusive items.19 Rainbow Conches
Merchant from Docarri Village Recruited
Fisherman’s Hut PlansBuilds a fishing hut that players can use to catch fish they have already caught before, and get rewards based on the number of fish species caught, including reeling speed increases.22 Rainbow Conches
Fisherman from Mooncradle Recruited
Spa PlansAllows players to pay 250G to have a party member visit the spa and gain a stat boost as a result.39 Rainbow Conches
Bathing Mole in Stonemason Outpost Recruited

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