Sea of Stars: All Mirth Villager’s Locations & Why You Need Them

Mirth Villagers are needed to get the town at its best, and get you some helpful benefits. this guide details how to find the Mirth villagers and why you should get them.


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There is a lot to do and find in Sea of Stars, including new villagers for the recently founded town of Mirth. After saving some villagers and setting sail for Settler’s Island, you will help create a new village, and it needs some villagers to help get it going and its facilities up and running. However, the game doesn’t tell you where or how to find any villagers, leaving you with a town and building plans, but no one to run the place.

In this guide, we’ll detail all the Mirth Villager locations in Sea of Stars, including what they do and why you should make an effort to recruit these NPCs.

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Why do you Need the Mirth Villagers?

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The main benefit to having the villagers is that they are needed to work in certain buildings in Mirth, and in turn, these buildings can provide helpful bonuses for players during their playthrough.

Finding these villagers is part of making Mirth into a proper village, much like collecting the Building Plans, which you will also need to house these villagers and get them to work and get your benefits.

You can begin to recruit these villagers once you have taken the refugee to Settler’s Island after the attack on Brisk, where they will build the town, and Jirard the Constructionist (who totally isn’t based on a YouTuber) will be there waiting for building plans.

All Mirth Villager Locations in Sea of Stars

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Below, we have listed all of the villagers to recruit for Mirth in Sea of Stars, including their locations and information on what building they are for.

You must have unlocked Mirth as a location before you can recruit these NPCs.

Lambert (Innkeeper)This villager will run the Inn, which comes with a Wheels table and fire so you can rest and cook.Found on Wraith Island in the town of Lucent.

Head to the Inn on Lucent and speak with the innkeeper, and they will inform you that their brother is looking for work. They will then send their brother to Mirth, where you can find them waiting for the
Merchant FamilyThis villager handles the store, which has some exclusive accessories, a Relic for players to purchase, and a Music Sheet.Found in Lake Doccaria Village.

Head to the building at the bottom right of town, and head into the Whirlpool in the room by climbing up the back of the room. Swim to the other Whirlpool, and you’ll enter a private residence with a child and woman.

Speak with the woman, and they will head to Mirth.
Master FishermanThis villager will handle the fisherman hut, providing players with fishing ingredients, a lake to catch previously caught fish, and some fishing-related Relics as rewards.Found in Mooncradle.

Head back to Mooncradle and you will find this villager in the Inn. Talk to them, and they will make their way to Mirth.
Chi (Spa)This villager will tend to the spa, which can provide players a way to boost party member stats.Found in Stonemason Outpost.

Found on the right of the villager. You will need to have helped them get water running so they can have a bath first. You can then talk to them, and they will head to Mirth.