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Sea of Stars: How to Enter the Headmaster’s Room in Zenith Academy

There is a helpful item in the headmaster's office in Sea of Stars, and some others you can find along the way.

Sea of Stars is filled with items to find, some of which you may miss if you don’t do a little exploring or backtracking during your playthrough. One such instance involves the headmaster’s office found in Zenith Academy, and making the trip is well worth it for the item you find, along with some extra goodies you can tackle along the way.

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In this guide, we will detail how to get into the headmaster’s office in Sea of Stars and share some details on extra treats you will find on your way back to this area.

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Getting Into the Headmaster’s Office

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Getting to the headmaster’s office is pretty straightforward and involves a little backtracking to the early parts of the game. However, it will net you a helpful item and give you a chance to explore and find a lot of collectibles during your journey back that you may not have been able to get previously.

Here, we have a step-by-step on how to get back to Zenith Academy.

Get the Key

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To start, you must get Moraine’s Office Key before making your way to Zenith Academy. Thankfully, this is easy to find.

Once you have unlocked the town of Mirth, Headmaster Moraine will move there to retire, becoming the village elder. When he does, he will also give you the Evermist Shrine Key, which you need to enter the Evermist Solstice Shrine on Evermist Island. He will have a house at the bottom of town you can enter. Pop inside, and you will see a chest that contains the Key. Now you will be able to enter the office.

Make Your Way to Mooncradle

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Once you have the key, it’s time to make the journey back to Evermist Island. You can choose to wait until later in the game when fast travel is unlocked. However, we recommend you make this trip, as there are some helpful items you will want sooner rather than later.

At this point, that will mean you need to travel back to Sleeper Island and head all the way back up to X’tols Landing by walking. Thankfully, if you talk with the mole worker just before leaving Stonemason Outpost, they will clear a new path for you on the world map, allowing you to skip walking through the Moorlands and making the journey much quicker. Once here, you can talk to the giant statue, and they will launch you to Evermist Island, much like how you were thrown to Sleeper Island at the beginning of the game.

From there, you make your way down to Mooncradle by heading down the Mountain Trail, through the Forgotten Cavern, and down into the village.

Head to Zenith Academy

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Now you are in Mooncradle, head down to the lift that takes you to Zenith Academy, and ride it up. Then, walk straight into the academy and continue heading up the stairs, and you will come to the door of the headmaster’s office. Interact with it, and use the key to open the door. Inside, you will find a chest on the right, up some stairs. This contains the Moonstone Bracer, a powerful Accessory that gives ten magic attack and reduces the cost of Lunar Shield by 2 MP, making it very helpful for Valere.

Be Sure to Clear Evermist Shrine and Explore While You’re Here

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As a side note, to save you time and net you an extra Combo Move, be sure to clear Evermist Solstice Shrine before you leave the island, which you can open thanks to the key given to you by the headmaster. Doing so not only gets you the Soonrang Combo Move, but also opens a a harbor on the side of the island, making it much easier to get on and off the island than going through every area.

Additionally, take a bit of time to explore Mooncradle before you head off. You will find a Music Sheet, Rainbow Conches, and a Wheels table here, so there is plenty to do and collect before you continue your adventure.

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