Sea of Thieves Feast of Bounty Special Event guide – challenges, rewards, dates

Prepare to eat a lot of food.

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Sea of Thieves is celebrating the season with a Thanksgiving feast called Feast of Bounty. The event will have players cooking a cornucopia of food and dressing the part as they prepare for a feast. Completing the challenges will earn you several cosmetic rewards fit for any pirate. To begin the event, find Larinna outside the tavern and collect the free Feast of Bounty flag.

Feast of Bounty Challenges

In Feast of Bounty, you’ll need to complete two sets of challenges. The first starts November 22 and sees players preparing food such as shark, pork, or snake meat in their ship. The second challenge starts on November 25 and focuses on spreading joy and fun throughout the seas.

Preparation Challenges

  • A Free Lunch – Collect the free Feast of Bounty flag from Larinna
  • Charred and Feathered – Cook 10 pieces of pork or chicken, at a campfire or using your ship’s stove
  • A Platter of Predators – Cook 10 pieces of shark or snake meat, at a campfire or using your ship’s stove
  • Eat or be Eaten – Cook 10 pieces of Megalodon or Kraken meat, at a campfire or using your ship’s stove
  • An Order of Shoals – Cook any kind of fish, at a campfire or using your ship’s stove 10 times

Celebration Challenges

  • Fealty to the Feast – Fly a flag aboard your ship
  • Dressing for Dinner – Use a Clothing Chest to change at least one part of your outfit
  • Palate Cleanser – Head to any Outpost and spread some cheer by sharing a drink with a pirate from another crew
  • A Feast for the Ears – Use a musical instrument to play a shanty along with a pirate from another crew
  • Embarassment of Riches – Never look a gift horse in the mouth! Place your treasure items aboard another crew’s ship


  • Devour 75 pieces of cooked meat and fish to complete this challenge

Feast of Bounty Rewards

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Any challenge marked with a purple book will earn you Renown for Season 4 progress.

  • Feast of Bounty Makeup – Complete all five Preperation Challenges
  • Feast of Bounty Scar – Complete all five Celebration Challenges
  • Feast of Bounty Tattoo – Complete the Overindulgence challenge
  • Bounty Bringer – Complete all 11 Challenge Goals

How long is the Feast of Bounty Event?

The Feast of Bounty event begins on November 22 and ends on November 29 at 5 AM ET.