Second Chances Cyberpsycho Sighting – Cyberpunk 2077

They don’t come around often.

Cyberpunk 2077

You can find the Second Chances Cyberpsycho Sighting way out in the desert to the east of Night City. For this one you will be taking on a sniper called Zion Wilde. While Zion might have gone cyberpyscho, he was a clever man before this happened and has set himself up in the perfect spot to give anyone coming after him fits.

You will need to decide if you are going to try and snipe him out of his perch, or run the gauntlet to close the distance on him.

The first hting you need to do is find him. To this head to the area marked on the map and scan the bodies, tire tracks, and footsteps. Move to each clue, scanning as you go, and when you see some smoke in the distance from a burning car, head to it. Here you will find another body with a shard on it, and when you pick up that shard you will start taking sniper fire.

If you want to return sniper fire, you can post up beside the rocks right in front of you. If you want to get closer, you will need to cut right, and use the cover from the clumps of trees, and then the buildings to close the distance.

Zion is standing on a raised platform, and the ladder to get up their is home to a couple of mines that will kill you if you climb up. You will need to hack these if you want to climb up there. Our preferred method is to climb on the nearby shed, then double jump to the platform. You can quickly hack the mines from here so that if Zion tries to run, he will get caught in his own trap.

After that, go with your shotgun, and Mantis Blade users can simple stunlock Zion with repeated combos to stop him from being able to do anything.