Sekiro: Best Tips to Fighting the Blazing Bull

Sekiro/image via Steam

A surprising boss battle for many to encounter is the Blazing Bull, which occurs after players deal with Gyoubu in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Up until this point, the boss battles were able players learning how to deflect appropriately, how to grapple and outmaneuver their foes. However, the Blazing Bull fight brings everything back to the basics, forcing players to figure how to handle a massive creature with a flaming hale bale attached to its head. These tips should help make this fight go more smoothly so you can proceed further into Ashina Castle.

The Blazing Bull


If the previous fight with Gyoubu hadn’t taught you anything, this one will: you need to optimize every tool you have hidden away in your Prosthetic arm. The best one to use during this fight is firecrackers. You can use it to stun the Bull, causing it to buck upwards in the air and then smash down. During that time you can dash in close, hacking and slashing it for a matter of seconds before needing to retreat.

You have an excellent opportunity to lay down the firecrackers as its beginning to charge you. You can even let it continue forward good ways before firing them out. The bucking animation lasts for a few seconds, but it’s enough time to deal enough overall damage.

Use the Walls and Stay Close

While it may seem like the arena you’re fighting in was made to trap you and prevent you from gaining an aerial advantage against our angry friend, it can also work in your favor.

When the bull charges at you, you can jump out of the way in time to have it lay into the face of a wall. It’ll take it a second to recover, and it’s partially stuck when moving against the wall. When it’s this, step in close at attack it from behind as much as possible. Because the creature gets held in the corner, you can easily predict which side it’s going to lash out against, giving you plenty of time to stay focused on attacking it from behind.

.It’s also tempting to keep your distance from the bull and figure out what to do next. That’s one of the worst things you can do because the bull’s charging strike is immensely powerful and deals a lot of damage. Unlike other enemies, you want to perform a step-dodge far more often than you want to deflect.

Take Risks for The Head

You shouldn’t always go straight for the bull’s head, because you’re going to deal more damage and have the opportunity to hit it everywhere else without risk of taking too much damage. However, striking the head does give you a massive benefit. If you do enough damage to the creature’s head and hit it enough times, you can stun it. While it’s stunned, you can head it over and over again, without it beating its head back and forth during this time.

Venturing close to the fire means you need to watch your fire meter. If you let it get too full, you’re going to find yourself with a charred Shinibo, and your adventure will quickly come to an end.