Sekiro: Best Tips to Fighting O’rin Of The Water

The Ashina Depths in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is no playground, but if you’ve managed to get this far you’ve committed to seeing the game to its end. You may have thought you had seen everything, though From Software still has a few tricks left up their sleeves. One of them is O’rin of the Water, a boss who is quietly playing the lute as she cries out for the love of her life. When you speak to her, you soon find out she’s luring those closer to her, and you have to engage her quickly. Here are some of the best tips for taking down this boss.

O’Rin Of The Water

Quick Strikes

O’Rin lashes out with swift, precise strikes. These strikes follow-up on each other in succession, meaning players need to rapidly press the parry button if they hope to deflect these blows. While it’s possible to miss a few, you need to make sure you’re getting the correct deflection down if you want to defeat this boss.

The quickest way to best O’Rin is to attack her posture, which means you need to time those deflections perfectly. Because her sweeping strikes are so fast when she lashes out, it’s easy to feel flustered when you first meet her. Keep your guard up, watch your posture, and learn the timing of her strikes to eliminate her pose as quickly as possible.

Sweeping Unblockable

Beyond her regular attacks, she has a sweeping unblockable she performs reasonably often. When you see the red Kanji symbol appear, jump into the air and land on her head, destroying her posture in the process. If you couple this with successful deflections, you should make short work of her stance, and get a death blow in.

Sabimaru and Firecrackers

During your fight, you’re going to discover she has nigh-impeccable parrying of her own. The strikes you can get in are few and far between, forcing you to rely on destroying her posture with perfect deflections and jumping on her head. However, you can always include Sabimaru in the mix and attempt to take her down using poison. You can also throw down some firecrackers to briefly stun her, getting in a handful of cuts before she recovers.

For those who have mastered Sekiro’s deflection, feel free to take her down with blocks.