Sekiro – How To Beat The Chained Ogre

The Chained Ogre had a starring role in the Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice trailer, as he grabbed the One-armed Wolf and hurled him through the air. Be warned, because he wants to pull those same shenanigans with you! Read on to find out how to defeat the lumbering beast.

How To Beat The Chained Ogre

The Chained Ogre is an interesting fight because he introduces a new mechanic we haven’t had to deal with before in Sekiro, the grab attack! The early game was a harsh introduction to the ideas of deflecting and counterstrikes, but this big brute is just going to bypass all that and grab you. When a caution icon appears above your head, you know the Ogre is going to try and grab you. Use the dodge button to get out of the way. Be sure to hit dodge twice to ensure you generate enough space to get away from those long arms.

The fight boils down to using quick movements to avoid the incredibly powerful attacks of the Chained Ogre. Wait for him to lash out, then quickly jump in and do one or two attacks, then double dodge to get back out quickly.

Remain alert, as sometimes a grapple point will appear above his head, as he can leave himself open to this based on some of his attacks. Use your grapple to propel yourself towards him, as this will stun him, leaving him open to further attacks. This fight boils down to a simple war of attrition. Keep yourself safe, attack only when you know the Ogre will not be able to hurt you. Impatience will get you killed very easily.

Kill It With Fire

Now, people who like to eavesdrop on enemies will know that the Ogre is afraid of fire. As such, it might be a good idea to head to Hirata Estate. You can unlock this by talking to the old woman in a burnt out building near the middle of Ashina Outskirts. When you speak to her, she will give you a bell. Bring this to the Buddha statue near the sculptor. This will take you to the Hirata Estate.

Move through the Estate until you come to the main buildings, then head inside. You will find a large bonfire that is billowing smoke. The Flaming Breath Barrel for your Shinobi Prosthetic is in the fire. Make quick work of the guards, and grab this important item. Make your way back to the Sculptor, and he will add it to your arm.

After that, return to the Chained Ogre and use the “hit and run” strategy described above, but mix in attacks from your Flaming Breath Barrel as well.

Now you know how to beat the chained ogre, remember all these fights boil down to learning and patience. Keep your head, and victory will be yours.