Sekiro: Where To Farm XP Guide

Shadows Die Twice

You may find it difficult to consistently level up your skills and abilities in Sekio: Shadows Die Twice if you’re always going from boss fight to boss fight. You need to hunker down in an area, kill as many enemies as possible, and then spend those ability points on your next skills. This way, you’re not continually smashing your head against a wall, wondering why you can’t beat some of the endgame bosses. There are multiple locations all through Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice where enemies are patrolling on a set cycle, and here are some of the best spots to farm experience points.

Farming XP in Sekiro

Early Game Farming

For those who want to get some early game farming done, the best location you’re going to find is the front of the Hirata Estate, and on the pathway from the first boss in the Ashina Outskirts. Both are excellent areas to run through the smaller enemies and farm them for the experience.

Because you’re doing this during the early game, you’re not going to get massive amounts of XP. Many of the enemies in these areas give you 11 points, but if you want to get some of the more helpful abilities from the limited skill trees you have access to, go ahead. However, you may find better luck after you’ve defeated a few bosses, gained access to Ashina Castle, the Sunken Valley, and Senpou Temple.

Mid-Game Farming

When you’ve gotten to the middle of the game, likely after you’ve defeated Genichiro Ashina, and you unlock the Upper Tower – Kuro’s Room. From here, the areas around you open up a bit more, and you start exploring some of the more difficult regions. Two reasonably useful areas you can visit before Genichiro, but you shouldn’t progress too far into if you have not defeated him, is Senpou Temple and Sunken Valley.

Senpou Temple contains corrupt monks with flashy Martial Arts attacks. The best area to farm for experience is a little deeper in, at the Temple Grounds idol. You can jump into the temple grounds and fight several monks who toss bombs at you. As long as you avoid the explosives, they shouldn’t damage you too often, and you can take them out quickly. You can clear the area several times over but stay away from the Main Hall area, where the three NPCs with bladed staffs are. They yield decent experience points, but they’re a tough fight. It’s better to focus on the monks.

In the Sunken Valley, you want to start at the Sunken Valley idol. You can naturally progress through the area and fight the rifleman littered across the cliffs. They’re not too tricky, once you understand how to deflect their bullets, and you consistently attack them. You can run through the area, rest at the Gun Fort, and then teleport back to the Sunken Valley idol to start over again.

End Game Farming

You’ll know you’re in the end game when the Shinobi overtake Ashina Tower, and these tough foes are wandering the halls where the Samurai used to be. A great area to farm is at the Ashina Castle Upper Tower – Antechamber idol. You can spawn here, run through the castle, fighting the new enemies and then jump outside on the roofs to face many more. They’re tough foes, but if you learn their patterns early, you should find yourself purchasing many long-sought-after skills you’ve been building up to in your skill trees.

Reddit user Alucard021 discovered a fantastic spot to farm on a single NPC for some quick experience point turnaround. They learned that if you spawn to the Mibu Village idol point, located in the Ashina Depths region, you’ll find a lonesome NPC to the right of the idol. Sneak up behind, killing them instantly, and then you rush back to the idol to rest, causing the NPC to spawn. The individual yields 784 experience points pure kill, so if you’re quick enough, you can farm this enemy over and over again and purchase any ability you’d like.