Severance Package gig – Cyberpunk 2077

Get what you are owed.

Cyberpunk 2077

Severance Package is a Cyberpunk 2077 that is located in Arroyo, Santo Domingo. This will reward you with 6340 Eddies, 565 experience, and 1150 Street Cred upon completion. You will need to sneak into a facility and steal some files, then make your way back out. There is no penalty for being spotted, so people who like to play loud can do so freely.

Head for the small office building near the front gate. You can sneak in and turn off all the security systems. From there you can try and sneak to the front doors, on the left of the main building. You can also duck back out, then head right. If you have the double-jump you can get onto a small shack around the side, then onto the pipes. This will allow you to jump over the security wire at the top of the fence and into the compound. You can then sneak along the wall to the right and get to the door that way.

If you go inside without turning off the cameras, you will need to take it slowly, hacking and turning off each one as you go. There will be a guard in the first hallway, so take him out and dump his body in the container on the left. At the end of this corridor is a worker, so sneak to make sure he doesn’t see you. Take the door on the right and you will come to a small room. Move along the left wall to a door and you will find a staircase leading up. Make sure the two guards in here do not see you.

Head up the stairs to find the server room. There will be some purple loot that you can grab, then interact with the console to get the files. Now you just need to make your way back out, which you can do easily by retracing your steps. If you do get spotted on this mission, it doesn’t really matter, you may just need to kill a few guards on the way out.