Rebellion Lives | Shadow of the Tomb Raider Walkthrough

Lara finally gets out of the temple but fails to recover the silver box in the previous chapter Empty-Handed. In this chapter Rebellion Lives as Lara, you will be heading into the prison to save Unuratu. After getting her out you have to locate the silver box in the Emperor’s Tomb.

Rebellion Lives Walkthrough

Rebellion Lives Walkthrough

You can play various side-missions before you continue with the main chapters, as you start you will have to enter Kukulkan and find Unuratu.

Return To Unuralu’s Home

Go to Unuratu’s home, Jonah will call and inform about a cave. Follow the beacon to meet him. Next, meet Etzli in the Upper Paititi. Follow the beacon, and you will reach a building with a lot of dead soldiers in your path. Keep following the beacon that will take you deeper in the building. You will find Etzli standing just outside the door guarded by two guards. He will share the passphrase that will let you in. He will also tell you that Hakan is captured.

Rebellion Lives Walkthrough

Enter The Temple of Kukulkan

Go inside the temple, all the way down and you will hear some voices. This will trigger a cutscene where you will see the Queen trying to persuade Doctor Dominguez on stopping his activities. After the cutscene, follow the beacon and it will take you outside. There will be two guards on your right who will not allow you to pass. Go left, jump on the mountain wall and axe climb towards the right. Keep moving and rappel down, swing to hang on the rock on your right. Before the rocks fell go left and go on top. Follow the rocks on your left and rappel down towards the river. You will another rock on your front.

Rebellion Lives Walkthrough

Walk on it and then jump ahead on the standing rock in the center, climb on its top and you will see a wooden pole, you can swing on it to land on the wall with windows. Go left and climb up. Next, you will see a tree trunk on your right with white rope, the other one is on the far end, shoot rope arrow and then use the rope to reach another side. Next, once you safely land, go left by climbing through the edges of mountain rocks. Go right, jump through the pole to grab the rock ahead and then climb up. Keep climbing towards the thin waterfalls. Then climb up.

Enter Unuratu’s Prison

Climb from the window to get into the prison and there will be a cutscene. After the cutscene is over break the wall, just can to get the beacon and pass through it. Connect the two poles with white rope to use a rope to hang towards the rock. Clear the guard on the top. You will see Unuratu on top a wall taking down a guard, follow her. Just jump and use the grapple to axe walls to climb. There will be two guards. Follow Unuratu, she will also get a similar attire you are wearing. There will be a cutscene in which she will explain about the box. Once again follow here outside the building. You will see a sacrifice ritual.

Last Emperor

Rebellion Lives Walkthrough

Unuratu will walk slow, follow here between the crowd to reach the tomb. Once you are in, climb from the left corner wall and walk towards the huge statue. You can climb from the broken wall below the left hand, and then use the hand to climb further up. Keep looking for edges to climb up. Once you are on top of the left-hand use grapple axe to swing towards the right hand. Grab it and go on the top, you will see a window. You have to explore this tomb. Follow the beacon, till you reach a room with a lot of objects around and a huge carving on the wall. In the cutscene Urunatu fails to make alive.

Defeat The Cultist Warriors

After getting ambushed hide in the plants around. The warriors will keep looking for you, you have to play stealth here. Shoot the pots around the guards to distract them and wait for the stealth icon. If they spot you will be attacked by multiple ones, and the shotgun is the best to use. After killing a few locate Jonah. There will be another cutscene.

Jonah and Lara will be attacked while on their way to reach Kuwaq Yaku. She will lose Jonah in the transit. The chapter ends here. You can read our walkthrough on the next mission Downpour. For more updates on the game, you can also go through our Shadow Of The Tomb Raider Wiki guide.