Where The Twins Confer | Shadow of the Tomb Raider Walkthrough | Unlock Open World

In the previous mission, as young Lara, you have seen the glimpse of her past life. The game continues as the protagonist woke’s up in the Jungle. In this new chapter Where The Twin Confer you will unlock the open world and the first merchant of the game. You can trade items, play side-missions you will get by talking to people.

Where The Twins Confer Walkthrough

Where The Twins Confer Walkthrough

In this short chapter, you will unlock the open world and a merchant. In the massive open world, you can play various activities like side-mission given to you by citizens, hunting, finding hidden skills, etc. As you explore the map you will be able to see more new locations.

Find Kuwaq Yaku:

Back on the objective to find Kuwaq Yaku, follow Jonah and lift the tree truck to pass through it. On the other side, follow the beacon after crossing the waterfall look for a house on the left. Break the door and inside you will find Archivist Map, that will reveal Relic, Mural, Document and Monolith locations. Walk from the right of the house and you will see a cutscene where you will spot Trinity guards.

Get Pass The Trinity Patrol:

Stay hidden in the plants and take down the guard in stealth once you see the skull icon over his head. Take a left, and take out the guard from backside who is standing on a wall. After crawling below the vehicle, take two guards in the front. Hide in the plants first. Once the armed guards walk in wait for a while till you see the skull icon on the top. After killing follow the second guard. In the cutscene, Jonah will give Lara a pistol and now you have a weapon with you. Inside the cave you will unlock fire arrows, you can now the barriers and open up locked paths. Once you are out you will reach the village – Kuwaq Yaku.

Find The Ruins:

Talk to the lady who is holding a tray with beer, she will tell you about a market. You can then see a Merchant on the map. This will also activate the open world game, you can do a lot of activities to earn XP, unlock new skills, etc. It is better to upgrade yourself first, so you can move around and talk to people for side-missions. This will also unlock the map. To continue to the story meet the merchant, his shop is exactly outside of Ruins. You can trade things with the merchant. So what you have collected in the game can be now sold for cash.

The entrance is outside the shop. Once you go in there will be a cutscene where Jonan and Lara get the next clue. The chapter is over once Lara enters the ruins. You can read our walkthrough on the next chapter Path Of The Living.

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