Shenmue I Remastered Achievements Guide: How To Unlock All Achievements


Shenmue I was released for SEGA Dreamcast first, but now a Remastered version is available for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. It is not a full remaster i.e. graphics and visuals will mostly be the same, but the developer has added some interesting features for current-gen consoles like scalable resolution, updated UI, Achievements support, and many other things.

Shenmue I Remastered Achievements Guide

In this guide, we have listed all Shenmue I Remastered Achievements and How To Unlock Them.

Shenmue I Remastered Achievement List

Below is the list of achievements, you can also read on how to unlock these achievements.

Achievement List:

Appropriate Response:

  • How To Unlock: Call 110 on your phone at the start of the game. Do this as soon as you move, take the phone and dial the number.

Yummy Meal:

  • How To Unlock: Before leaving the house for the first time to check the carrots on the table, it will trigger a flashback.

Simpler Times:

  • How To Unlock: Before entering into Dojo stay under the cherry tree until a cutscene plays.

Treasure Your Friends:

  • How To Unlock: After entering the Dojo for the first time look around for the frame that stays “The Eight Principles of Ying and Yang”.

Boy Scout:

  • How To Unlock: This one is a one-time achievement for this you have to find Yamamoto House. You can do this when the weather is fine outside, you will have to help an old lady to unlock this achievement. The house is third from the road where you find Abe Store. If you skip this you won’t be able to unlock this later.

Gacha Catcha / Gacha Catcha II / Gacha Catcha III:

  • How To Unlock: You can unlock this achievement by purchasing capsules from the capsule machine located in front of mini-mart. You will need to collect 50 and you will need at least 5000 yen to unlock all the three achievements. This one is time-consuming, and you have to gather 50 capsules.

I Know Kung Fu:

  • How To Unlock: Next day go to Fuku-san and train with him. You will have to learn the Pit Blow technique.

Shadow Reaper:

  • How To Unlock: Go to Fukuhara’s room and collect the movable scroll.

Twin Blades:

  • How To Unlock: Look for a basket that is located behind Hazuki-sensei’s room.

Sleeve Strike:

  • How To Unlock: Perform a forward, backward and punch.

Rain Thrust:

  • How To Unlock: Perform a backward, forward and punch.

Thunder Kick:

  • How To Unlock: Perform a forward, backward and kick.

Hold Against Leg:

  • How To Unlock: Perform a backward, forward and kick.

Brutal Tiger:

  • How To Unlock: Perform a forward, backward then punch and kick at the same time.

Dark Moon:

  • How To Unlock: Perform a backward, forward and then punch and kick at the same time.

I Know More Kung Fu:

  • How To Unlock: You have to read two scrolls for this achievement.

To Be This Good Takes Ages:

  • How To Unlock: You will need to spend 100 yen on an arcade located in Doubita. Go to Your Arcade there and play Hang On or Space Harrier to unlock this achievement.


  • How To Unlock: Go to an antique shop in Doubita and buy the following items: Rising Flash (500 Yen), Mud Spider (1000 Yen), Crawl Cyclone (1000 Yen), Twin Swallow Leap (1000 Yen), Tiger Storm (2000) & Arm Break Fire (3000 Yen). Next morning go to Heartbeats bar and buy a Jet Cola for a guy who will ask you for a drink.

Unexpected Visit:

  • How To Unlock: Go to Fortune Teller who is across Nagai Industries to unlock this achievement.

Needle In A Haystack:

  • How To Unlock: Go to a tattoo parlor in Dobuita and find Charlie. You have to defeat him.

Practice Makes Perfect:

  • How To Unlock: Go to Dojo and fight with Fuku-san him.

Mirror, Mirror:

  • How To Unlock: This one will be unlocked once you get a letter translated from Yuanda Zhu in Dobuita. This also unlocks if you get the letter translated from Xiuyu Xiam owner of the Russiya China Shop.

One Step Closer:

  • How To Unlock: Go To New Yosokua Harbor, as soon as you get on the bus to move from Anihama.

Break And Enter:

  • How To Unlock: Enter Warehouse 8 and meet Master Chen.

Stab In The Dark:

  • How To Unlock: You will have to locate the Phoenix Mirror that is located in Hazuki Basement. Go to the basement and you will find a white leaf in a book – The Stab Tiger Scroll in Chinese. You will have to contact Master Chen to make his son translate it. You will also find a picture of your father and a man in a Chinese Chest. Look for the mirror on the wall.

What’s It Worth?:

  • How To Unlock: After you get the Phoenix Mirror, you will have to carry it to an antique shop in Doubita.

Cat Burglar:

  • How To Unlock: To unlock this one you will have to find Megumi’s kitten once she is lost. Go to the temple and then go downstairs to the house for a cutscene.

Gaining Employment:

  • How To Unlock: Get a job at the harbor to unlock this achievement.

Mark’s Favorite:

  • How To Unlock: To get this you will have to win the Forklift Race. Once you start working you will do the race every morning, you have to win it.

Fallen Angels:

  • How To Unlock: You will have to rescue Nozomi from Mad Angels for this achievement. You will have to fight with Terry’s men in Mad Angel’s warehouse.

Hot Dog Moves:

  • How To Unlock: Accept when Tom offers you to teach Tornado Kick.

Sore Knuckles:

  • How To Unlock: You will have to defeat the Terrier’s mob to unlock this achievement.

Next Step: Hong Kong:

  • How To Unlock: Defeat the final boss and complete the game to unlock this achievement.

Stay Down!:

  • How To Unlock: Defeat Chai in the Harbor, this achievement can also be unlocked at the end of the game once the end-credit starts.

As you play you might spot additional achievement we might miss in adding the guide. As you progress in the game do check out the above things you will have to unlock the achievement. You can also read our guide on How To Unlock All Achievements Shenmue II.