Should Kaidan or Ashley go with Captain Kirrahe on Virmire in Mass Effect Legendary Edition?

There’s a clear answer.

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Virmire is full of fatal decisions that could see the end come for several of your party members in Mass Effect Legendary Edition. One critical decision you have to make before completing the assault on Saren’s base is if Kaidan or Ashley should go with Captain Kirrahe’s team when they attack the base. While both will get the job done, your choice might change based on the results you want to receive.

Should Kaidan or Ashley go with Captain Kirrahe on Virmire?

The choice depends on who you want to live because your ultimate goal should be to go after Captain Kirrahe. Basically, when you reach the end of the Virmire mission and set the nuclear device on, you rush to the midpoint between Kaidan and Ashley. Both positions are being overrun, and you have to choose between them.

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Of those two options, saving Captain Kirrahe is the best. He and his squad appear further down the line in Mass Effect 3. By going to the nuclear device, Captain Kirrahe, his squad, and Kaidan or Ashley will perish with them. You’ll save the person who was the nuclear device, but you’ll lose all those people, and the device still goes off. There is no scenario of you saving both main characters. Because of these results, it’s always better to go after Captain Kirrahe.

Make sure to send the person you want to see for the rest of the Mass Effect series. Kaidan or Ashley fill the same role in Mass Effect 2 or 3, albeit with different dialogue based on their personalities.