Should you get The Spheal Deal Special Research Ticket in Pokémon Go?

Is it worth grabbing The Spheal Deal ticket?

Image via Niantic

The January Community Day has arrived in Pokémon Go, and for January 2022, it’s starring Spheal, the Clap Pokémon. You’ll have the chance to encounter and catch multiple Spheal during the event from 11 AM to 5 PM in your local time zone. In addition, while the event is happening, you have the chance to grab a Special Research ticket named The Spheal Deal, giving you access to a handful of small encounters featuring Spheal and numerous rewards. Should you get The Spheal Deal Special Research Ticket in Pokémon Go’s January 2022 Community Day event?

It all boils down to how many extra opportunities you want to have to capture Spheal. These special research tickets feature a Special Research project that goes live during the event, providing you with multiple rewards to capture Spheal while the event is happening and only a small number of Spheal encounters, including its evolved forms, Sealeo and Walrein.

For Walrein, this Community Event is an ample opportunity for the Pokémon to rise in the PvP arena. It’s receiving two moves for the event, Powder Snow and Icicle Spear. Both attacks give Walrein an excellent chance to shine. Powder snow alone increases Walrein’s potential, and the icicle spear makes it even more interesting, with the charged move being brand new to Pokémon Go. Overall, Walrein was not previously used in the Battle League or too much in raids, but it could change quite a bit with these two attacks.

We highly recommend purchasing The Spheal Deal Special Research Ticket because it’s a rare opportunity for Walrein to shine and become a unique Pokémon for the Great and Ultra Leagues. Icicle spear is a new move, and Walrein will be the first to test it out. If you want to try it out, grabbing Walrein is an excellent chance to try it out before the charged moves to other Pokémon in the future. Walrein won’t make massive waves.