Should you pick Heads or Tails in Final Fantasy VII Remake

A colorful choice.

Image via Square Enix

There are a few choices to be made in Final Fantasy VII Remake that will impact the game, one of which happens in Chapter 9. When Chocobo Sam asks you to pick heads, tails, or no deal, you might be wondering which option you should go with. In this article, we will run through the impact of the three possible choices.

  • Heads – if you pick heads, you lose the coin toss when Sam calls tails and wins. He will then say that Aerith isn’t Don Corneo’s type, and says that Tifa is the better match. He will also advise you that the coin toss was rigged, and give you the coin.
  • Tails – If you call tails, Sam calls heads and wins. Once again, he tells you Aerith is not the better option and will give you the coin.
  • No Deal – if you don’t call, Aerith will call instead, losing to Sam, with largely the same results as the other two options.

Now, it might not seem to have any impact, but there is something you should be aware of below. We are going to drop a spoiler warning here, so stop reading if you don’t want some story beats to come your way.

Spoilers Ahead

The option you pick above will impact a side quest later in the game. If you pick heads or tails, then you will do a series of side quests for Chocobo Sam. These need to be done to get Cloud a blue and black dress.

If you choose no deal, you will be able to complete side quests for Madam M, resulting in Cloud getting a different dress. That is the only impact that your choice has, so if you don’t care about the dress color, it’s not an important decision.