Should you pull for Cyno or Venti in Genshin Impact Version 3.1?

Another difficult decision for Genshin Impact community to make.

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Genshin Impact Version 3.1 is coming out with a bang, bringing a brand new 5-star character to the game while also featuring one of the most popular and influential characters. In Version 3.1, players will have to decide to direct all of their Primogems into either Cyno or Venti. With most double banners, you might think about which character is best to pull for.

Cyno and Venti are joined by a 4-star roster of Sayu, Candace, and Kuki Shinobu. Candace is a brand new 4-star Hydro character, and you’ll want to add her to your account. Meanwhile, Sayu and Kuki Shinobu are decent healers.

Follow this guide to learn which character is best for your account:

Should you pull for Cyno in Genshin Impact Version 3.1?

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Cyno is a new 5-star Electro character and is a great fit for your account if you are currently lacking an Electro DPS. Cyno is looking like he will pair well with Dendro characters. The Dendro element is the newest in the game, introduced in Version 3.0, which also means characters that belong to Dendro are sparse.

Therefore, you might want to skip Cyno if you do not have the adequately invested Dendro characters, such as Collei. Dendro Traveler is a free option available to all players, and it is a good idea to level him up to help characters who benefit from Dendro out. Consider picking Cyno if you want a new option that takes advantage of the new Dendro reactions. Otherwise, consider skipping him for a future character.

Should you pull for Venti in Genshin Impact Version 3.1?

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Venti was once regarded as the most powerful 5-star character in Genshin Impact, solely due to his Elemental Burst, which was infamous for having a compelling crowd-control ability. Many players even considered him a “mandatory” pick. However, as the game progressed, more enemies with resistance to this ability were introduced, making Venti’s usage a little more limited.

Venti has also fallen out of favor with other Anemo characters, such as Kazuha, who can also buff their allies. Venti is a core part of many Freeze teams, so consider Venti if you are interested in running a Freeze team (this would consist of Venti, a Cryo DPS such as Ganyu, a Cryo support such as Diona, and a Hydro applicator such as Mona.) Otherwise, you might want to skip Venti for another Anemo character like Kazuha.