Should you scavenge or avenge Deceased Scouts in Returnal?

Gone, but not forgotten.

Image via PlayStation

As you play through the twisting alien landscapes of Returnal you will come across some disturbingly familiar corpses. The “other” Selene’s are actually the bodies of other players who have died, or the remnants of your own failed runs through the cycle.

You will have two options when you find them. You can either scavenge them, or you can try and track down the creature that killed them and get revenge.

Scavenging the bodies will require Ether, and you will need at least three pieces to be able to do it. If you can, you will earn some resources that you can then use to create new items on your run.

The other option is to hunt down the creature that killed the Deceased Scout and try to take it out. Doing so successfully will reward you with Ether. Ether is very important because you can then use it on the next Deceased Scout, or use it to purify Malignant objects, giving you all the benefits of these powerful items with none of the risk.

As for which one you should do, that will change each time. If you are confident in combat, we normally recommend hunting the Ether over anything else, as the benefits from Malignant objects can be enormous, and cutting down on the risk of using them is always a great idea.