Should You Side With The One True King or Nimue in Remnant 2? – All Rewards

You have a choice to side with the One True King, or team up with Nimue and dethrone the king forever in Remnant 2.


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The Awakened King DLC in Remnant is all about the return of the One True King, whom many tried to kill when you initially visited Losomn. You’ll have an opportunity to side with the One True King to take down Nimue, or you can try challenging him.

You’ll have the chance to make these choices when you reach the end of The Awakened King DLC and approach the One True King’s throne. This is an important decision, and you receive different rewards based on your choice. There is also a third option for you to follow. Here’s what you need to know about whether you should side with the One True King or with Nimue in Remnant 2’s The Awakened King DLC.

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What Happens If You Side with the One True King in Remnant 2?

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When siding with the One True King in the Chamber of the Faithless, he will task you with eliminating Nimue in The Awakened King DLC. You will accept his decision to kill Nimue rather than going after him and proving your loyalty, as he sees everyone around him as a traitor who wishes to depose him.

After accepting the quest from The One True King, he will give you an item called the Rod of Retribution. Now, return to Nimue, locked away on the Forlorn Coast, and you visit her in the tower. She will be locked away, and you reach this location by following the path from the Palace or using the door you opened leading to the entrance of this Losomn region if you’ve already visited her. You will approach Nimue, and use the Rod of Retribution against her, killing her, and you’ll receive the Broken Heart Relic.

What Happens If You Side With Nimue in Remnant 2?

Now, if you decide to instead fight against the One True King and decline his request to kill off Nimue, he will attack you. You’ll engage in a boss fight where you’re battling the One True King and must defeat him in this giant Boss encounter. He’s one of the larger opponents you’ve likely faced in Remannt 2, and when battling him, I found it best to shoot at his large axe whenever possible, which also has a health bar. When the health bar on the One True King’s axe hits zero, an ally falls off, and they will temporarily distract him, giving you an opening to take him down.

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You’ll receive the Agony Spike by defeating the One True King or the Tormentor’s Pommel. The Agony Spike allows you to craft the Monarch long gun, and the Tormentor’s Pommel allows you to make Wrathbringer melee weapon. In addition to this reward in Remnant 2, make your way to Nimu, and you can inform her of the One True King’s death. She rewards you with the ring called the Jewel of The Beholden for saving her and the others from his wraith.

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What Happens if You Spare Nimue in Remnant 2?

There is a third option available to you in Remnant 2. You can accept the One True King’s mission to kill Nimue and receive the Rod of Retribution. When you do this, go down to Nimue and speak with her. Before you attempt to end her life, she will try to convince you to spare her. If you listen to her, she gives you an item called Nimue’s Vow.

Now, return to the One True King and challenge him. However, instead of getting the Agony Spike or the Tormentor’s Pommel, you receive Nimue’s Blood-Marred Vow. Bring this back to Nimue to report your victory over the One True King in Remnant 2, and she’ll give you the Gift of the Unbound as a reward, an amulet.

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Is It Better to Side With the One True King or Nimue in Remnant 2?

Like every Remnant 2 route, it’s better to do these at least once. You can return to the One True King DLC region multiple times and make different choices, unlocking several rewards for your Remnant 2 character.

However, I feel that it’s better to grab the weapons first, so going after the One True King to receive the Agony Spike and the Tormentor’s Pommel are likely better to grab those sought-after weapons first and then go through the steps with Nimue to earn those rewards, by sparing her and then by teaming up with her to defeat the One True King.