Should you side with the rebels or help Corisandre in Disciples: Liberation?

Which option should you choose?

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Upon gaining access to the Mercenary King’s castle in Disciples: Liberation, you’ll have a choice to assist Corisandre and her people or with the rebels attacking the castle. You’ll have the option to make this decision before departing the dungeon. Should you side with the rebels, or should you help Corisandre in Disciples: Liberation?

The choice appears after escorting Corisandre back to the castle, and you’ve escorted her through the dungeon to return to the Holy Prior. You have the option to directly side with Corisandre, as for some coin before siding with her, or directly side with the rebels.

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Siding with Corisandre

By choosing the ‘I’m with You’ or ‘I’m with You for a price’ option, you’ll immediately side with Corisandre and the Holy Prior. The Holy Prior informs you that they will protect your escape, allowing you to directly deal with the rebels and attack their base to the south. You’ll complete that portion of the quest, unlocking access to the next quest, Rebellion’s Flame Burns On. By also going this route, you’ll earn experience points, items, the Mage’s Guild building that you can construct back at Yllian, and gain reputation with the Empire.

Siding with the rebels

By choosing to side with the rebels to fight the Holy Prior, you are taking up arms against this group. They won’t appreciate this, and the Inquisitor that had been lurking in the shadows moves on you and your team. You’ll fight Empire units, such as Paladins, Priestesses, Arcanists, Soldiers, and Warpriestesses. However, you only have to survive three rounds.

After surviving all three rounds, you’ll be able to assist the rebels outside directly. You’ll also gain access to the Rebellion’s Flame Burns On, but instead of attacking the rebels, you now have to find the Veil stronghold and defeat the Holy Prior there. Finally, you’ll also gain the exact items you would have gained from siding with Corisandre, except you lose Empire faction instead of gaining it.

The main difference between these two choices during The Holy Prior Holds Court quest is gaining Empire faction or not. If you want to gain Empire faction, side with Corisandre and assist the Holy Prior. If you don’t plan to increase Empire faction, siding with the rebels is a valid choice. Both options give you access to obtaining Corisandre as a companion.