Soon quest guide – Destiny 2 – No Time to Explain catalyst

A catalyst for your exotic.

Destiny 2

After you complete the Destiny 2: Beyond Light campaign, you’ve embraced the Darkness and the new power with it, Stasis. It features an icy series of attacks, and the power that comes with it further augments your abilities. When you wrap things up and speak to the Exo Stranger, she’ll give you an exotic called No Time to Explain. Many Destiny veterans likely remember it from the first game, and it has a few modifications from where it was first to arrive. You’ll also receive the Soon quest, where you can earn the exotic’s catalyst.

Step 1

The first step for the quest is to loot weapon schematics off of enemies you can find in a BrayTech building. The only BrayTech you can find on Europa is the Bray Exoscience building, directly west from Cadmus Ridge, at the world’s center.

Proceed inside of the building, and all you need to do is loot five of these schematics. It might take you a bit. Now that you have the full strength of the Darkness with you, you can unseal several of the previously blocking barriers blocking your path, so you should have plenty of Fallen enemies to take out to loot those schematics.

Task 2

Once you’ve looted all five schematics, you have to return to the Exo Stranger. You can find her right next to the Beyond landing zone, on the southern tip of Europa. Speak to her, and you can receive the next objective.

Task 3

For the third task, you must defeat Vex on Europa using the No Time to Explain. You need to take them out in three distinct locations: Nexus, Well of Infinitude, and The Glassway. It’s these three regions pictured below on the planet. They are on the east side of the map.

You will need to take 60 Vex to complete the quest, and you have to use the No Time to Explain. With your new Stasis powers, it’s hard not to want to use it.

Task 4

The final task is to return to the Exo Stranger back at the Beyond landing point, and turn in the quest to complete it. You will be able to equip your new catalyst.