Special Costume Sync Pair Guzma and Buzzwole moves in Pokémon Masters EX

Guzma and Buzzwole kit will leave you confused.

Image via DeNa

Guzma and Buzzwole unit is one of the four new Sync Pairs coming to Pokémon Masters EX. The pair from Alola is the featured Sync Pair for the upcoming Poké war event and possesses Fighting-type attributes. Here is a complete breakdown of the Sync Pair and all its moves.

Guzma and Buzzwole moveset

Guzma and Buzzwole Sync Pair has three passive skills, which are mentioned below:

  • Victory Charge 2: Upon knocking out an opponent, it replenishes the move gauge by two bars.
  • Super Syncer: Activates the Supereffective+ buff when Sync move is used.
  • Tenacity 3: Increases the user’s Psychical move damage by three ranks when an attack move misses.

Guzma and Buzzwole moves are as follows:

  • Dynamic Punch (4-gauge move): Deals damage between 198-237 and leaves the target confused.
  • X Sure Hit (2 usages): Guarantees that next move lands.
  • Hammer Arm (3-gauge move):  Deals damage between 128-148 and reduces the user’s Speed by one rank.
  • Show No Mercy! (1 Usage): Increases the user’s Attack by six and Critical-Hit Rate by three ranks. However, reduces the user’s Defense and Sp. Def by one rank
  • Beatdown Boss Fighting Impact (Sync Move): Deals damage between 250-300.

Should you pull for Guzma and Buzzwole

Guzma and Buzzwole Sync Pair has a quirky playstyle that won’t suit every player. It relies on missing attacks to build damage over time and then deal a massive burst in one go. However, this is a risky playstyle that is hard to execute. Furthermore, the unit is essentially a glass cannon and lacks defensive stats. In conclusion, it is not worth pulling for the Sync Pair as there are simply better choices available.