Spellbound Side Job – should you hack the Spellbook? -Cyberpunk 2077

Don’t be a gonk.

Cyberpunk 2077

Spellbound is a Side Job that you can do for Nix, who you will meet during the Kold Mirage mission. Nix wants you to go and make a buy for him. There is nothing fancy to do here, Nix is happy to pay, and offers to give you twice the value of the item as a reward.

So far, so easy, but there is some nuance to this job that can affect the outcome. You will need to meet a contact called R3NO in a public place, where she will ask for 7300 Eddies. This means nothing to you, as you can just get double the money back from Nix. You still have options, however.

You can choose to pay the full 7300 Eddies, or you can simply hack R3NO’s briefcase to get the location of the Spellbook that you are here to buy. If you do this, R3NO will pull a gun and the resultant shooting will bring the cops running. If you have taken the Corpo lifepath, you can also use some dialogue options to lower the price.

Corpo V will instantly spot R3NO for the fake she is. Sure, she has dressed the part, but the clothes are too cheap and the implants are backstreet. Corpo V will correctly accuse her of just being a warehouse worker who found something interesting, and tell her she is operating way above her level. A quick threat to let her employers know what she is doing will bring the price down to 1800 Eddies.

When you have the coordinates, make your way to the marked waypoint which is very close to the cafe. Grab the old deck from its secret spot, then Johnny will show up to drop some antique netgear knowledge. Now, you have the choice to hack the netgear by going to your Shards menu and looking for Spellbook at the very bottom. This is a simple random breach, but aim for the fourth level if you can, to get some blueprints for a Legendary Quickhack called System Shutdown.

From there, return to Nix. You can either accept what Nix is paying, or if you have a high enough intelligence level you can tell him that you know what the item is worth, and work a little bonus out of him.