Spider-Hack, Uninvited | Spider-Man PS4 Walkthrough

 Spider-Hack, Uninvited | Spider-Man PS4 Walkthrough

In the previous Mission Back To School, Martin Li made Dr. Delany kill himself, and he escaped. In this walkthrough you will get tips on two mission first is Spider-Hack. You have to visit Oscorp headquarter and sneak into Norman’s office by hacking the security panels. In the next mission Uninvited you will pay as Mary Jane who is trying to gather intel on Dr. Morgan from Standish in Sabel base.

Spider-Hack, Uninvited Walkthrough

Spider-Hack Walkthrough

In this mission, you will investigate at Oscorp Tower and learn a secret about Devil’s Breath.

Head To Oscorp Tower:

After getting lead on Dr. Morgan Michaels, go to Oscorp Tower. You will spot a entrance but before heading into it you will have to figure out a way to shutdown the security system.

Find the security module in Oscorp Tower:

Go the marker and you will see the network cable, follow up and you will get a box. Stay away from the sniper range and keep following the cables on the top of the building. You will have to access three more boxes. Next, there will be drones scanning the outer part of the building. Keep following the cables and watch for the drone lights and snipers. Next, there will be a helicopter around the building, you have to avoid it. You can approach the last one from the top just scan to get its location. It is on the right side of the entrance spot. Enter through the vent on the top of the door.

Get into Norman’s office:

Crawl through the vent, and you will spot Norman, just listen to the conversation first and then go down. Access the computer on the table. You will have to review the slides that stores vital information. You will learn that GR-27 is nicknamed as Devils Breath. It is a serum designed to cure disease. Dr.Morgan Michael has the sample. After you had done investigating the slides the mission is complete. You will earn around 3000XP, Level UP and a Skill Point.

Uninvited Walkthrough

You will play as Mary Jane here, you will be sneaking into a high security Sabel base and talk to Standish about Dr. Morgan.

Meet MJ In Central Park:

Spider-Man PS4 Walkthrough

Go the park, there will be a flashback where you will play as MJ who is trying to sneak into the base. Enemies with green outlines will be in distraction range, use throwables to lure them. After distracting the first one follow the next marker.

Find Charles Standish:

There will be two guards near the stairs, the first will go distract the second one and take the stairs quietly from his back. Go up and you will spot Standish. Quietly move towards his tent, below you will find a generator press the button to distract the guard. Once the guard walks near the generator cross through the ten and hide behind pipes. Walk towards the second generator on your right. Turn it off and then walkthrough the tent and walk with the moving truck. Hit the red toolbox to distract the guard, there will be another one, you will have to distract him also. Next, go down and go towards the generator. Press the button to distract and then walk from the right end. Wait for the third truck to pass, Once you reach you have to distract two guards outside the tent. Once you are in you will see a cutscene where Standish points a gun on MJ. This is the end of this chapter.

You will earn 3000XP for this mission, Level up, +10% Melee Damage and a skill point. You can read our walkthrough on the next mission Strong Connection. For more similar guides and tips, you can also check our Marvel’s Spider-Man Wiki guide.