Star Wars Jedi: Survivor – How to Get Through Green Door Shields

The Green Shields are everywhere in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, and there is a specific way you can go through them.

One of the more prominent obstacles you’ll find in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor are the Green Door Shields. These force fields prevent you from going through them, likely cutting you off from key locations while you’re playing the game. These won’t block you forever.

There will be a certain point where you’ll have the chance to go through these shield doors, but it takes a bit of time to reach this point. Here’s what you need to know about going through and bypassing the Green Shields in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

How to Go Through Green Door Shields in Jedi: Survivor

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Going through a Green Door Sheild involves an unlockable ability you receive in Jedi: Survivor. The ability is associated with Merrin’s Charm, an item you receive as you progress through the main plot line, and becomes something you can use for the rest of your playthrough, especially while exploring Koboh.

Merrin’s Charm is given to you by the Nightsister, Merrin, a character from Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, and she reappears throughout the rest of the Jedi: Survivor story. She does not give this item to you the first time you meet her. Instead, she gives it to you the second time you meet while on Jedha when you’re defending the temples from an Imperial attack.

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When you get the Charm, Cal will have gone through a moment where he unlocks a Dash ability, something he can use during his double jump. The Dash and Merrin’s Charm work alongside each other, where you can Dash through the Green Door Shields once you have the item.

Merrin’s Charm becomes available when you reach the start of Chapter 4, called The Hidden Path. Close to the end of this sequence, Merrin gives her Charm to Cal, and this gives you the ability to go through Green Door Shields. This is roughly halfway through the Jedi: Survivor campaign, so you do have to work for it to reach this point.

Can You Go Through Green Door Shields Earlier in Jedi: Survivor?

We can confirm that you cannot go through Green Door Shields before you reach Chapter 4 in Jedi: Survivor. This is a pivotal story point in the plot, and it’s not something you can bypass. Even if you begin a New Game Plus mode playthrough, Cal loses this ability, and you need to regain it again by reaching that point in the main story.

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