Star Wars Jedi: Survivor – All Chests & Rewards Players Can Find with T-1N8

T-18N unlocks several rewards for you in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, but tracking them all down can be a little difficult.

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The citizens of Rambler’s Reach Outpost in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor are all trying to work together to survive living on Koboh. It’s a harsh world, and sticking together at the outpost is the best strategy to make sure they can make it through the day.

A character you can find during your campaign is named T-1N8. They’re a medical droid that is stuck inside an abandoned shack, and after you free them, they’re more than willing to reward you for your efforts. This guide covers all chests and other rewards you’ll find for saving T-18N in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

Every Chest and Reward You Get For Helping T-1N8 in Jedi: Survivor

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Tracking down T-1N8 is the first thing you’ll want to do if you’re looking to acquire these rewards. You can find this droid when you’re visiting the Foothill Falls region. Once here, head to the left side of it, where you can find Jedi: Survivor’s Abandoned Shack, across from where you can find the Mysterious Fisherman. There’s a basement at the bottom that leads to T-18N. Speak with them, and they’ll agree to join you back at Rambler’s Reach Outpost.

How to Get Jedi: Survivor’s Duelist Jacket with T-1N8

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When they return to the outpost, they’ll be outside a home. Speak with them, and they’ll open up the door to the home, explaining that the location was owned by those that took care of them and that if you find anything, it’ll be yours. Inside, you’ll find a chest, and it will contain Jedi: Survivor’s Duelist’s Jacket.

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How to Get The Datadisk Reward From T-1N8

The second reward you get for finding T-1N8 is available at Jedi: Survivor Holotactics table. This is a side activity you can find after you save Bhima and Tulli in the Boiling Bluffs. After you find those two and return to Rambler’s Reach Outpost, they’ll create a Holotactics table upstairs at Pyloon’s Saloon, and you can play against T-1N8.

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If you defeat T-1N8 at the table, you’ll receive a Datadisk as a reward. This is one of the more challenging rewards you can receive from T-1N8, but it won’t unlock unless you find them in the Foothill Falls region. You can redeem the Datadisk with Zee at Star Wars Jedi: Survivor’s Pyloon’s Saloon to pick from their selection of rewards.

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