Star Wars Jedi: Survivor – How to Find T-1N8

T-18N needs your help, and can offer important rewards, but you'll need to track them down in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

You can find and bring several people back to Rambler’s Reach Outpost in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. These characters can assist you at the outpost and might also open up secret locations you may not have been able to access.

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One of the citizens you can find in the wilderness is T-1N8. They’re a droid who aspires to become a surgeon one day, and they’re seeking out this profession after a horrible accident. Here’s what you need to know about how to find T-1N8 and what they can do for you in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

Where to Find T-1N8 in Jedi: Survivor

T-1N8 is not too far from Rambler’s Reach Outpost on Koboh. You’ll need to make your way to the left side of the outpost and visit the Foothill Falls region. This is the same location where you can find Jedi: Survivor’s Mysterious Fisherman and check out the Abandoned Shack in Jedi: Survivor.

To the left of the Mysterious Fisherman will be a Relter that you can take to cross the gap, and you’ll find the Abandoned Shack. Unfortunately, a few Bedlam Raiders guard this location, and you’ll need to take care of them to freely search the area.

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After they’ve been handled, search the perimeter of the shack, and you’ll find a basement that you can use Jedi: Survivor’s Force Pull on, lifting the door. This will break the door and give you access to the shack’s hidden basement. You’ll find T-1N8 down here and need to talk with them to learn what happened.

T-1N8 will explain how their owners were killed and they were unable to care for them. This heartbreaking story motivates the droid to seek out and become a surgeon, but they’re willing to meet you back at Rambler’s Reach Outpost to thank you.

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How to Find the Duelist Jacket in Jedi: Survivor

You can find T-1N8 back at the outpost and in front of one of the houses. Speak with T-1N8, and they will tell you they plan to go off-world to become a surgeon. Before they leave, they will unlock the house, and you can search for any valuables inside. There will be a chest inside the home, which contains the Star Wars Jedi: Survivor’s Duelist Jacket.

In addition to unlocking the house, T-1N8 will be an opponent at the Holotactics table, a tabletop game you can unlock by finding Bhima and Tulli. If you beat T-1N8, they’ll reward you with a Datadisk.

And that’s it! Check out our other Star Wars Jedi: Survivor guides below so you don’t miss any hidden secrets on your journey.

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