Starfield Unity: How to Get to the Island on Hyla II

There’s a island you need to reach on Hyla II in Starfield’s Unity quest, and this guide shows you how to reach the island without dying.

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You’ll find multiple missions in Starfield take you to outlandish and incredible worlds throughout the galaxy. As you search for the meaning of Unity, you’ll find yourself on Hyla II, where you need to track down Ancient Ruins and find the missing piece you’ve been waiting to locate.

The Ancient Ruins are on a small island, surrounded by a good amount of water. Reaching this island can be a little complicated, especially if you’re trying to avoid getting any type of bacterial disease. Your character can die if you stay in the water for too long. Here’s what you need to know about how to get to the island on Hyla II in Starfield.

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The Best Way to Reach the Island on Hyla II in Starfield

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The best and only way that I discovered to reach the island after landing on Hyla II was to rely on my Boost Pack. Without it, my Starfield character would have perished in the water, and I would have been forced to reload the latest save I had on my game.

The way you do this to prevent your character from getting any Microbial Contamination is to ensure they’re consistently jumping into the air, staying out of the water, and then flying back down. It’s a delicate art that I could achieve with a Basic Boostpack. I could see a Balanced Boostpack also being good, but the Power Boostpack might be too much for you to use during this mission in Starfield. The Power Boostpack shoots you into the air and depletes nearly all the fuel. The Balanced and Basic Boostpack uses significantly smaller amounts and has decent recharges.

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You can remain in the water for a few seconds but don’t want to do it for long. If you do, your character receives an Infection. This will steadily worsen as you remain in the water, eating away at your maximum health. I could stay in the water for a few seconds before I needed to use the Basic Boostpack my Starfield character had equipped, allowing them to fly into the air after it had charged correctly.

It is important to note that your character does need a Skill Point in the Boostpack Training skill tree to use any of the Boostpacks. So long as you have at least one point, this trick should work for you in Starfield, and you can continue the main story in the game, complete Unity, and find out about the Scorpion’s Sting.