Storm the Agency challenges and rewards – Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2

Party time.


The Storm the Agency challenges will be going live in Fortnite on May 26 and will turn the Agency into a bit of a bloodbath. Hotdropping at the Agency has been one of the best party of this season, so this will make it even more fun. Up for grabs will be plenty of XP, a harvesting tool, a wrap, and a glider.

  • Land at The Agency (1) – 40,000 XP
  • Survive Storm Circles (10) – 40,000 XP
  • Open a faction locked chest at different Spy Bases (3) – Steel Shadow Pickaxe
  • Swim over hatches at The Agency (5) – 40,000 XP
  • Eliminate a Henchman at different Safe Houses (3) – Shadow Seal Wrap
  • Complete All Challenges (5) – Shadow Stalker Glider

Landing at the Agency is obviously very simple, just head straight for the POI at the center of the map from the Battle Bus. The same with surviving storm circles, all you need to do is play the game not die for a while. To eliminate henchmen at different houses, be sure to check out our guide showing where you can find them all. When it comes to swimming over the hatches at the Agency, we have a little guide to show you where they all are.

It looks like this will be the last thing we get up to in the current season, as the new season will begin on June 4, so barring any surprises, this should be wrapping up the season, and we might even get some more information on what the deal is with the timer in the lobby.