A Ryu costume can now be unlocked in Monster Hunter: World


Ryu from Street Fighter has finally arrived in Monster Hunter: World as a new costume—but he’s a lot harder to get than many fans anticipated.

The quest is only available for players who have Street Fighter V save data on their PlayStation 4. Fans who don’t own Street Fighter V and those who play on Xbox One will need to wait a bit longer for the quest to appear. Capcom has currently given no clear indication on when this might be, however. And there’s no word yet on when Sakura will be available.

But there is a workaround. If a player joins a friend who’s playing the quest, they can unlock Ryu’s costume early without having save data on their system.

The quest needed to unlock Ryu is an arena quest, which can be found in the Gathering Hub. Head toward the Arena Lass and under the Challenges option, you’ll see a quest called “Down the Dark, Muddy Path.” It will be available until March 1.

The quest has you fight against a large Barroth, but don’t go against it alone—this Barroth is impossible to beat due to its massive size and hitboxes.

You get two SFV Tickets each time you beat the Barroth, and you need seven tickets to unlock the Ryu costume.

Players can also purchase two Street Fighter themed emotes from the PlayStation Store: Hadouken and Shoryuken. They cost $3.99 each. These gestures do a small amount of damage and can be equipped even if you’re not wearing the Ryu costume.