How to remove the Blue Piranha Creeper on the Green Pipe in Super Mario Maker’s Story Mode


Super Mario Maker 2’s Story mode is great fun, offering a great variety of good quality levels using the style from all of the game’s eras. Combined with the overworld, which has a few good laughs for children and adult gamers alike, it offers a new number of secrets and throwbacks that fans will love.

If like us, you’ve been curious about the Green Warp pipe to the left of the Castle that has a Blue Piranha Plant blocking it and wondering if you can enter it, we can confirm that you can indeed unblock it!

How to remove the Blue Piranha Creeper on the Green Pipe

To get to the position to be able to use this pesky pipe, you need to have completed the instructions for waking up the sleepy Yellow Toad to the right of the Castle first. Our guide to doing this can be found here.

Once you have completed this, the Purple Toad will hang around with Yellow Toad for a while longer, so use this opportunity to do another mission. The mission you do does not need to be the Yellow Toad’s one, so complete any job that you wish to do.

Once completed, you should see that the Purple Toad is no longer hanging around the Yellow Toad, and instead, if you head over to that blocked pipe, he will now offer you a mission to remove that Blue Piranha for it called ‘Piranha Creeper Squash’.

Via in game

The level is once again short but good fun involving a lot of bouncing, and upon completion, the pipe should be cleared! You should now have access to an Underground section. While we won’t spoil anything, it will help you in your endeavors.

Happy Mario Making!