What are Maker Points in Super Mario Maker 2 and how do you earn them?


The Super Mario Maker community is already uploading a fantastic array of tracks ranging from cool looking themed ones, autorun musical delights, to the fiendishly tricky courses. Like all creation games, the community is the lifeblood of the game, and wouldn’t be the same without the talented members who enjoy making these genuinely unique levels.

But how do we know that a Maker has been earning their stripes? Which builders are the dedicated that provide the most amount of content to the game? How do Builders see they’re getting recognized for the levels that they have been contributing to the community? Well, that’s where Maker Points come in.

In Super Mario Maker 2, Maker points is a score earned by the maker for uploading courses to the Course World from the Coursebot for others in the community to play. From there, only waiting and allowing players to play your course will earn you Maker Points. The more the players take on your course, the more points you will receive

Other parameters also exist, so things like the number of people that have played your course, the number that has cleared it, the comments left on the course, and the number of likes that players have left for your work. Virtually, any time that another player has interacted with your course, the more Maker Points you will earn, and uploading all of your creations will mean more exposure of your courses to players, and more Maker Points that get added to your score.

Via in game

If you want to check out the score of another Maker, when checking out their course overview, you can scroll up to the picture of their Mii, press A and you will see their Maker Score in their Maker overview. You can also check out the Leaderboard from the Course World menu and see the current top Makers, where you can then check out their courses by going to their profile, and then to ‘Uploaded Courses.’

We hope that this helps to find the best makers and check out their courses, while also seeing how good you are in comparison. Happy Mario making.