How to unlock the Super Hammer in Super Mario Maker 2 | Builder Mario


Super Mario Maker has a power-up that does exactly what you might expect it to, such as the Super Hammer. This hidden item turns Mario in Builder Mario as you see him on the game’s overworld and on the game’s front cover.

The Super Hammer is the same as giving Mario a giant sword. Not only does Mario change into his yellow and red builder’s dungarees, but it arms him with a Super Hammer that gives him a melee attack you can swing with a touch of a button. You can use it when you’re stuck between enemies and need a way out, or if some pesky blocks are in the way of you and the finish line. With a press of a button, your hammer destroys the blocks and you’re back on track.

There’s history surrounding the Super Hammer, too. Not so much in the mainline games. The item appears frequently in the RPG series of Mario games, including Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars, and the Paper Mario series.

But how do you make this funky little power-up available to you to use on your own creations? You need to complete the Story Mode of the game, and after you finish you naturally unlock it at the end. The game confirms you have unlocked the Super Hammer to use throughout the game once the castle is complete. After you see the icon and receive the notification, you can equip it to Mario.

Here’s Builder Mario in action.

We hope that this helps to bring your own creations to life with the Super Hammer!