Super Mario Maker 2 That’s One Hot Car Level Guide


The Story Mode of Super Mario Maker 2 is full of fantastic levels that are some of the best new courses that Mario have made in years. While the big N never ceases to make excellent courses, they have gotten somewhat more comfortable over time, so it’s not often that a tougher course comes along.

Super Mario Maker 2 That’s One Hot Car Level Guide

Step in ‘That’s One Hot Car,’ level number 16 and one that that game rates at three out of four stars for difficulty. It’s a level that is set in a dungeon using the Super Mario Bros U theme and involves you taking Bowser Jr’s car and navigating through a large group of enemies, before moving onto cannons and blocks that block the way. It’s a reasonably tough course if you try to take everything on with the car’s standard attacks or if you try to weave your way through the traffic of enemies. The second part of the track, where cannons are in your way with platforms halfway up the level make navigating it very difficult, is particularly frustrating.

The key to beating the course is the car’s powered up beam ability. The car will fire standard fireballs in front when spamming the button, which will then knock out the first enemy in front of you but will do nothing to the blocks that hold up the cannons on the second half of the map.

However, if you press it and then hold the fire button, the beam will charge up, and you will see a visual cue on the car that it’s charged and is holding a fire beam. From there, when you unleash it, it will take out an entire wave of enemies, most of which will line up for a 1UP too. Crucially, on the second part of the map, the blocks that hold the boos and the cannons up are vulnerable to the charged beam, meaning that if you aim at the block under the traps, it should take them out, leaving you with a smooth path to the rest of the level!

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If you can keep the Fire Flower up, this will also increase the spread of your charged beam so all of the beams will take platform blocks out, not just the central one, so be wary of this when tackling this part of the course. One final tip for the three cannons at the end of the second part is to aim for the top cannon’s platform as once taken down; you should have a free run to the end.

We hope that this guide helps you get through the level!