Here’s what amiibo do in Super Mario Party

Super Mario Party, like a lot of titles on the Nintendo Switch, gives players the option to use amiibo to interact with the game. To use amiibo, you must first unlock the Party Pad’s Party Point feature.

Super Mario Party - How To Use Amiibo

This is unlocked through playing the game naturally. After a while, you can speak to Toad in the main lobby of the overworld and the feature will give you the option to buy advice, as well as other items, with the money you’ve collected while playing.


At the bottom of the Party Pad menu, you’ll see an amiibo option. Click on it and you’ll be taken to a screen that will allow you to use select Super Mario amiibo to unlock items. This amiibo include Mario, Donkey Kong, Peach, and more.

Super Mario characters in other amiibo lines, such as Smash Bros., can also be used. To use an amiibo, you’ll need to have one of the figures selected and tap it on the right Joy-Con joystick. You can also tap the amiibo on a Nintendo Switch pro controller by placing it on the center of the pad, just in between the + and – buttons, when told to do so on the screen.

These items include Party Points, which can be used in the store, and exclusive stickers that you can use throughout the game.