Super Smash Bros Ultimate All Master Spirits & How To Unlock

 Super Smash Bros Ultimate All Master Spirits & How To Unlock

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Spirits are divided into four categories, Primaries, Supports, Fighters and Masters. In this guide you will learn about what are Master Spirits, how to unlock them and the list of available Master Spirits in Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Fighters are the most common one you will be using every now and then to battle, but Master Spirits works differently.

Master Spirits Guide

What Are Master Spirits & How To Unlock Them?

There are overall 1297 Spirits in Super Smash Bros Ultimate Spirits, among them 629 are Primaries, 544 are Supports, 100 of them are Fighters and only 24 of them are Master Spirits.

What Are Master Spirits?

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has around 24 Master Spirits, they can be randomly discovered throughout the map. The difference between other spirit and Master is they are locked when you find them. You have to first defeat the spirit to get access to the location it is guarding.

How To Unlock Master Spirits?

Master Spirits are locked when discovered. On the contrary if you find a Primary or Support Spirit it will be unlocked as soon as you find them, plus you can get some additional bonus feature while using them. Master Spirits are different, to Unlock you will have to fight them, these are simple battles so don’t worry about the challenges. You have to defeat the Master Spirit and then you can access a new location guarded by the spirit. This opens up new areas to learn fresh fighting styles, Exploration Locations, Gym’s, Dojo’, Stores, etc. All these unique locations are guarded by Master Spirits.

All 24 Master Spirits List With Screenshots

Below are all 24 Master Spirits and their in-game screenshot. It is hard to track down all the locations and the area’s guarded by them due to the vastness of the game.

The Legend Of Zelda Series:

1). Darunia


2). Beedle


3). Linebeck


Splatoon Series:

1). Sheldon


2). Can’n Cuttlefish


Animal Crossing Series:

1). Timmy & Tommy


2). Copper & Booker


Fire Emblem Series:

1). Anna


2). Ryoma


Pokemon Series:

1). Slowpoke


Street Fighter Series:

1). Zangief


Mega Man Series:

1). Gravity Man


Treasure Tracker Series:

1). Captain Toad


Super Mario Series:

1). Super Mario Series – Honey Queen


Donkey Kong Series:

1). Donkey Kong Series – Funky Kong


Metroid Series:

1). Kraid


Star Fox Series:

1). Peppy Hare


F-Zero Series:

1). Dr. Stewart


Kid Icarus Series:

1). Dyntos


WarioWare Series:

1). Kat & Ana


Pikmin Series:

1). Charlie


Wii Fit Series:

1). Wii Balance Board


Punch-Out!! Series:

1). Doc Louis


Xenoblade Chronicles Series:

1). Riki


After going through the guide you probably know a lot of Master Spirits, and with the help of above screenshots it is lot more easier for you to spot them in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.